Happily Ever Afters Do Exist

Raelynn is an average girl (20) until she mets One Direction. But who will she fall for, and who will fall for her? Will it be happily ever after, or will she end up heart broken?

Btw the first paragraph os present day. The rest on the story is a flashback. Story is told in 3rd person.


1. 1

 Raelynn stood in front of the full length mirror, examining her belly. Her husband places his rough hands on both sides of her swollen belly. He leaned down and kissed her stomach.  "Sweet dreams my babies. " He sweetly said to his obviously pregnant wife.      



Raelynn rushed to get ready on time. She was going to a One Direction meet and greet at 3 that afternoon. Her friends bailed on her to go with their boyfriends to some other concert. She was disappointed to go alone, but she was used to being alone.

Her parents died when she was 3. She lived with her aunt until she died 2 years ago and years before that her older sister got married. So Raelynn lived on her own. She was after all 19 and capable of taking care of her self. Even if her friends thought different.

She finally finished getting ready and squirted some perfume on. She grabbed her keys and was out the door and in her car. She silently drove 45 minutes by herself to the meet and greet in Doncaster. She actually invited her sisters 2 daughters to come with her, and she was meeting them there. She had forgot about inviting Lilly and Sage to come with her. They were her sisters twins. And they were adorable. They reminded her of Louis Tomlinson's twin sisters, Phoebe and Daisy. 

She parked in the back of the lot. She worked her butt off to afford tickets and backstage passes to their next concert. And hoped she would enjoy it more than the crowded meet and greet. She slowly walked to the front door where she saw her sister and the kids. Her sister, Alison, had 4 kids, 8 year old twins, a 3 year old son named ben, and a newborn baby girl, Rose. As you can tell she enjoys flowers. Alison worked as a Florist for all occasions. 

"Hello Alison, Lilly, Sage, Ben, and little Rose!" Raelynn uttered with as much enthusiasm as she could for the girls sake.

"Hi Aunt Rae!" The kids couldn't pronounce her whole name so they just called her Rae most of the time.

"Let's do Lilly and Sage. Bye Alison, what time are you going to get the girls?"

"Thank you so much Rae. And around 5. Does that sound good?"


They parted ways. Alison with her other 2 kids and Rae with the twins. The 3 girls went into the huge building, into a crowd of other people waiting to see the 5 sex gods. Rae was overwhelmed, she wasn't obssesed with them but liked there music and the oldest one, Louis, who she knew alot about, was extremly good looking.

Rae and the twins waited in line for about 1 and a half hours until they got to the front. Lilly and Sage threw stuff at them to sign. Rae sood off kinda to the side, but close enough to reach out and grad the twins and she watched. She came to the last boy, she managed to say Hi to all of them, he had his head down signing something of Sage's. He lifted his head and met Rae's eyes. He was shocked at her beauty. Rae was an average girl, with long brown hair that reached her butt, and warm brown eyes. She wore no makeup and dressed simply. They gawked at each other for, what seemed like forever, until a bodygaurd said to hurry. Rae was about to walk away when Louis stopped her and slipped a paper in her hand. He winked and went back to signing whatever was thrown at him. Smiling to himself for what he did.

Rae dropped the twins at their mom's, and drove to her flat. She colased on her couch, when she remembered the paper.

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