Who Knew

Brooke lives the life every girl dreams of; being pampered by day, partying at night. Since both her parents passed, being an only child, she inherited everything; the car, the house, and all the cash. But materialistic things could only take her so far. When things seem to be spiraling out of control, that's when she meets Josh, infamously know for being drummer of British teeny-bop boy band One Direction. But as she gets to know Josh and the rest of the boys, she sees that the boys have a lot more to them than good hair and killer wardrobe. In fact, Brooke seems to be torn. It's a 6 to 1 ratio...this can't be good.


2. Claud

I went downstairs, still wearing my party dress, leather jacket, and Bright pink Doc Martens from last night. As I walked into the kitchen, I scratch my head rustling my hair. Every step I took felt like a hammer pounded me right on my temples. I pulled out one of the bar stools from under the island and sat myself down opposite direction of the window.
"Well hello beautiful!" yelled a loud voice from the couch in the other room. I spun to the right and saw Aubrey comfortably laid up on my couch with a mug of hot chocolate, a robe and a pair of pink fuzzy slippers. "You look like you're dressed for a party, where ya going?". I took off my heart-shaped sun glasses and squinted my eyes at her, "Just please stop talking." I rubbed my temples. "No need to get sassy!" Aubrey said. "Here, take these." She handed me two aspirins and a glass water. I downed them like nothing. Hopefully they would kick in soon.
A few minutes later, walked in Claudia. She was the housekeeper/ chef I guess you could say. But I looked at her more like a mother than anything ever since I had lost my real mother. She was there for me after my parents accident. She'd make me three meals a day, set up my bath, clean the house, but more importantly comfort me when I was in need. She was the only order and structure I had in my life.
"Morning Claud." I smiled as she patted my shoulder with her empty hand carrying a basket of clean sheets in the other. "Goodmorning love, how'd you sleep dear?" I loved how she cared about me. "Well..." I said. "I know, I know. It was one of those nights." She said with a wink. We all laughed. "I heard you come in around three in the morning, but I give you an A for effort as you tried to keep quiet and not wake me." she smiled as she was happy with my consideration. "I'm so sorry Claud. I hate how this house echoes!" My house was quite large, 7 bedrooms and 6 and a half washrooms. The only reason I kept this house after my parents died was because of Claud. It was her only real home. She had already lost her family, I didn't want to take away her own real home and security.
"Oh no worries, would you like some breakfast?" she asked as she put down the basket on one of the other stools. "No thanks, I think I'm gonna head back upstairs for a bath." I said standing up. My head still felt heavy and I became nauseous. I guess my face had flushed because both Claud and Aubrey looked concerned. "You dont look too good B." said Aubrey. I didn't feel too well either. I raced upstairs And headed straight to my washroom. As I ran by I heard my text tone again but I ignored it.
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