Who Knew

Brooke lives the life every girl dreams of; being pampered by day, partying at night. Since both her parents passed, being an only child, she inherited everything; the car, the house, and all the cash. But materialistic things could only take her so far. When things seem to be spiraling out of control, that's when she meets Josh, infamously know for being drummer of British teeny-bop boy band One Direction. But as she gets to know Josh and the rest of the boys, she sees that the boys have a lot more to them than good hair and killer wardrobe. In fact, Brooke seems to be torn. It's a 6 to 1 ratio...this can't be good.


1. One of Those Nights

"Brooke, seriously?". Aubrey said to me. I threw back that shot like it was a swig of water. I straightened my head and scrunched up my face. That last one did it for me. It went down hot, burning my throat and leaving a burning sensation in my mouth. "I don't want to go home yet! It's only twelve! Stop acting like such an old lady." The bar suddenly felt a lot hotter. I took off my leather jacket, I felt my face heat up. I put my hands on my cheeks, it felt as if I had a 102 degree temperature. As I tried to look Aubrey sternly in the eye, I couldn't. Both my vision and my attention span became blurry and I began to feel adrenaline pumping from my head to my legs, I became somewhat loose and began to tell myself to become carefree. Oh god, I thought to myself, it's going to be one of those nights. A cheeky smile spread across my face. Aubrey faces turned from annoyed to hopeless. She knew there was no stopping me. She was about to give in as well.
I was woken up to a bright light shining through my closed eyelids. The sun has rose. I turned over to the side of my bed that faced the wall, cursing myself in my head at how stupid an idea it was to take down those curtains the other day. As soon as I had almost falling deep back into sleep, I heard my loud iPhone text tone. How rude, I thought, who has the audacity to text this early in the morning? I reluctantly turned over, grabbed the over-sized sunglasses off my nightstand and let out an exasperated gasp. I reached for my phone and read the text.

Josh: Brooke, who are you?

"Josh?" I questioned myself, "Who the fuck is Josh?"
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