Coal: A Dark and Bloody Pokemon Story

This is, shock-horror, a Pokemon Fanfic. However, it is not exactly your average Fanfic, and is possibly one of the more dark and bloody tellings of the Pokemon story you are likely to find. I made this mainly out of boredom, but I hope you enjoy!
Cover by Sa-chan1603 on deviant art


2. War

Three Years Later

Sweat trickled down Jayce's neck. Breath in - lift, breath out - left shoulder, breath in - turn right, breath out - forward march.

“Halt. Rifles!”

Breath in - ready rifle, breath out - load, breath in - kneel.


Breath out – fire.

“Good. At ease.”

Jayce had allowed himself a brief grin as he watched the bullet explode through the head of the straw dummy. He was the best shot in his company, and better than many of his superiors – though of course he would never say it out loud. His comrades would resent him, and his superiors would make his life a living hell. Jealousy was a dangerous emotion. One of the many things things he had learned in his three years of service. His sergeant walked up to his position and Jayce saluted crisply.“A fine shot, Mr. Grey. Keep up the good work and you'll be up for promotion.”His sergeant was lying, of course. Another thing he had learned. Jayce had no aptitude for battle tactics, and couldn't organise large groups of men, it just wasn't in him to lead. His skill at the rifle alone would never get him a rank, and he was certain that his superiors were fine with that.

It pays to keep the skilled men doing what they do best. I'm not a leader, I'm a walking head-shot. Jayce didn't mind too much, however. He was as close to happy as he had ever been, and defending Blackthorn city made him feel like he had a purpose. He had only been on a few actual out-of-city missions, and very rarely did he see Pokemon. It seemed insane to him, but Human-kind's worst enemy were themselves, and he had taken the lives of invaders from Kanto on numerous occasions. But Pokemon he still found hard to fight, and he dreaded the time when he would be called to truly battle against Pokemon. The black Charmander's pitiful eyes still haunted his dreams, and even three years later he was unsure if he had done the right thing.

I still know nothing, he thought as he oiled his rifle in the armoury, I came to Blackthorn to understand this war between Humans and Pokemon better, but still I don't know the answer to my question: who are the real monsters? He was still not convinced that his kind were not.

It was even hotter in the armoury than it had been in the scorching sun outside; it was the hottest summer on record, and the season hadn't even properly started yet. Already a water-ban was in effect, and Jayce spent his days constantly thirsty, dripping wet with sweat.

As Layth exited the armoury, his rifle shining and strapped comfortably to his back, he heard a sound that set his nerves tingling immediately. It was a distinctive bell tolling, and although he had never heard it before, he knew exactly what it meant. He looked around at his fellow soldiers, and they all shared the same look of excitement, fear and blood-lust. It was a Pokemon attack. Pokemon were invading. It meant war.

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