forever young in love

Two 19 year old models named Destiny and Jadi move from Florida to London because of their work .But they find out that they are living in the same apartment complex as One Direction ,And that they will be working with them too!


3. the photo shoot

  (Destiny POV) we just arived to the bulding where the photo shoot will be taking place .I am still so nervous and i hope me and Jadi are what they are looking for .

(Jadi POV) I saw Destiny and she looked like she was Shaking to death . To calm her down a bit i grabed her hand ,she looked at me with her hony suckled colored eyes and i could really tell she was nervous .

(Destinys POV) I walked in the room and i saw ONE DIRECTION my heart started pounding i didnt know what to do . I knew we had to accidently walk in the wroung room cause how could i be good anoff to take photos with the most beautiful people in the world .Then I saw Niall and Zayn walk over to me and say "hello there ,your Destiny right and your friend is Jadi?" Then i realized we wernt in the wrong room .I said yes and we are here for the photo shoot .Zayn my favorite out of the band ,he put his arm around me and told me we are in the right place .I freaked out but only in the inside i tried to act like i didnt even know who they were .The good thing was that Jadi played along too .

(Zayn POV) wow shes a really pretty but im still wondering how they both dont know we are ? I talked with Niall said hes tooken a liking to Jadi so far .

(Niall POV) hmmm ?maybe i should take Jadi out or maybe its too soon ,or maybe after the shoot ?AHH I dont know ,Wait it is too soon its been like only 5 minets ill just wait a while .

(Jadi POV)OMG  ONE DIRECTION ! Im soo happy but so far ive noticed Destiny to act like she dosent know them im going to do the same just to see how everything turns out ,but i cant belive Niall put his arm around me ,then Zayn put his around Destiny .I think im still dreaming i wisperd in Destinys ear .Destiny replied trust me this is not a dream .

All the boys and the 2 girls started to take the photos together ,while listening to their music 

(Destiny POV) It was so hard for me to act like i didnt know who they were when the played their music ,Im trying not to hum or sing to the music but its like killing me .Then when we get close together to take photos its like 5 cheetahs hunting 2 gazelles .I keep my mind clear and just think of my poses and smiles .Then 3 hours later we were finnished ,i felt alittle more relived .But then all the boys asked if we wanted to come over ,they said "danile and elenore will be there so it wont be all guys ". i couldent regect them so me and Jadi said ...Yes .



how was it ? ino sorry if it is still boring>.<


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