forever young in love

Two 19 year old models named Destiny and Jadi move from Florida to London because of their work .But they find out that they are living in the same apartment complex as One Direction ,And that they will be working with them too!


1. Moving in

     (Destinys POV) So far everything is in its place Jadi, but i still miss Florida ...but I know we will get ustue London right ? "Right !said Jadi " Jadi was so excited ,but i was still nervous about living in London alone just us two. Me and Jadi have known each other since the day we started moldeling ,that was maybe like 12 years ago .We both have stuck together some how ,im glad though to always have had someone to talk and help me with everything ive gone through .Modeling isnt easy .The good thing is we both model so we both know how it feels to get rejected cause your not tall anoff or they'ere just not looking for your type.

   (Jadis POV) I am still so excited to live in London with my best friend Destiny.But she still looks really nervous ,i hope she'll get ustue it ."Destiny?" "yeah? she said " "Um what is are job assignment ?i asked" i actually do not know yet i think we got hirrerd to take photos with this band ,but i dont no which band k? Okay okay ,when is it ? "its tomorrow at 1:30pm , now lets go to bed to get some beauty sleep,Destiny said with a cheeky grin."

both of the girls fell asleep listening to their favorite band One Direction .

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