forever young in love

Two 19 year old models named Destiny and Jadi move from Florida to London because of their work .But they find out that they are living in the same apartment complex as One Direction ,And that they will be working with them too!


2. getting ready

(Destiny POV) Me and Jadi woke up around 9:30am to start getting ready for our photo shoot with the mystery band .i asked Jadi what she was going to wear she said "my dark pink flowy top with blue tie-die shorts with studs on it ,then with pink high top Convers. She put her curley ,carmel colored hair in a high pony tail ". Then i was stuck on what to wear but i looked in my new closet to see what i could wear. I decided on a crop-top with the british on it with a black skirt that was tight around the hips and thighs.My shoes that i choose to wear were black closed back sandles .I straitend my very long dark brown hair and left my bangs down with it .I saw Jadi when she was finnished getting dressed and she was absoutly beautiful .

(Jadi POV) I just got fineshed getting ready , I went to go see how Destiny was doing .I walked in into her room and she looked AMAZAYN I was shocked I havent seen her so pretty in a wile .Ever since she got regected from the company she didnt take care of herself but when i saw her it took me years back . Destiny wow you did yourself good, who ever were gonna  take photos with thier going to love you. "thank you so much Jadi i did my best ,Destiny nicely said blushing alittle ". 

Both of the girls hopped in their white oudi and drove off to their photo shoot .







sorry about the short chapter >< ,next one will be longer and not boring . 


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