forever young in love

Two 19 year old models named Destiny and Jadi move from Florida to London because of their work .But they find out that they are living in the same apartment complex as One Direction ,And that they will be working with them too!


4. driving and the secret comes out

(Destinys POV) So we leave the bulding to thier apartment complex .

(Louie POV) Im going to be driving so just follow are jeep k? 

(Destiny POV ) Okay i said with a wide grin .Me and Jari went in are car but i noticed the the guys might be a little cramped in theyere jeep so i told one of them that they could come .When i said that Zayn and Niall were the first ones to say ME! But i felt bad so i said ok they both can come.

(Zayn POV) i was talking to liam and me and him think the girls are lying about the "i dont know whos One Direction " thing .But i will see if theyere lying or telling the truth .

(Destiny POV)Zayn and Niall hopped in my oudi ,Niall and Jadi sat in the Back while Zayn sat in the frount with me .I turned my volume up in the car ,but then i forgot about the Up All Night  cd .But before i could stop my self the lyrics so girl come on you got it wroung  came on . I literly froze .But i was driving so i had to focus on the road . But then Zayn said "so you dont know who One Direction is huh?" i blushed till i could feel my cheeks burn of embaresment .

(Zayn /Niall POV) I KNEW IT!!!

(Jadi POV) I saw Niall and Zayn both laugh .Destiny sat there, i know how she feels .but then i saw Destiny laugh too ,i started too .Before we knew it we were all laughing .

(DestinyPOV) i laughed  till i could feel a 6 pack come to my stumic .Then after laughing Zayn asked"Why did you Lie to us ?" I answerd ummm i donno and giggled . 

(Zayn POV) i was sooo right i knew it .Bahaha i cant belive it still . But maybe she will be the first Directioner i will date ?

(Niall POV) I cant belive you guys acted the hole time he said to Jadi Blushing .

(Destiny POV)we arived at the apartment complex but i look at it and we live in the same complex...

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