So wrong yet so right.

He is a pure-blood Slytherin.She is a muggle-born Gryffindor.They are supposed to hate eachother...but hate and love are seperated by a very thin line...


1. And so 6th year begins...

Draco's P.O.V

I'M sitting in a compartment at the Hogwarts Express with Crabbe,Goyle and Zambini.The two daft twats are in their own world as usual,never being able to hold an intelligent conversation.Blaise is a smart guy,we always find something to talk about but right now i don;t want to talk to anyone.I can;t stop thinking about her.I can;t beleive how much she has changed over the years.Her once bushy hair are now falling gently on her shoulders.Her once beaver like teeth are now perfectly shaped and pearly white.Her facial feautures have softened making her more beautiful than she was in the Yule Ball two years ago.I know i shouldn;t be thinking about her.I know that she is a muggle-born.I know that she is Potter's and the Weasel's best friend.I know that i should be focusing more on the mission i have been assigned but i just can't help it.How can i be so much attracted to someone who infuriates me so much?Someone that sends fire sparks through my veins?Someone who wakes a part of myself i didn't even know i had.Ever since first year i could not accept the fact that a mudblood was better than me.And when she punched that is a moment i will never forget.Anger mixed with awe.She had the courage to stand up to me and as much as i hate to admit earned respect.Then fourth year came...and so did the Yule Ball.Her transformation left me awe-struck..not that i would show it of course.I couldn't help but think that she would be better with me than with that Bulgarian git.But now it;s 6th year..i have a mission and my life not to mention the life of everyone i lve count on it.Yet i am thinking about her.If only father knew..But no..he will never..not him..not anyone..and most imprtantly..not HER.

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