Love Us

Becky and her 8 month yr old daughter lacy are at nandos when they come across one direction. Will lacy get a new dad or will it be to late for Becky to fall in love again.


4. The beating


I walked up the pathway to my house when I hear banging and crashing from inside. I take a deep breath. You can do this he can't hurt you unless you let him, I thought. I open the door. go in and close the door behind me. 

"I'm in hear.. Darling". his voice crackles as he chuckles sending shivers down my spine. I walk down the corridor and into the kitchen. Hes leaning on the sink, in one hand hes holding a glass full of brandy in the other he holds the bottle which he uses to refill it. 

"Where the hell have you been?....I've been so worried" His voice sounds so drunk and the tang at the end when he said he was worried made me sick.

"I was out with Lucy you know that" I had to stand my ground, i had to get out of this house for Lacy's sake.

"I don't fucking care who you where with. Your with me. Wheres my little girl i want her to see what i am about to do to her poor little mummy" the snarl in his voice sends shivers down my spine and before i could think he dropped the glass. I heard it smash on the floor, my head shot up i didn't have any time to think before he was hurling him self at me. I felt his fist connect with my jaw, causing me to loss a tooth or two. His next blow is to my stomach making me double over in pain so he then elbows me in the back, I fall to the floor in pain. he pushes me up against the wall and starts kicking me over and over again the my ribs and one or two in my face. HE stops for a second and i roll over so i face the wall but i insistently get a kick to my back multiple times.

"Your.A. Fucking. Whore." He says between kicks. When hes done he gets up and leaves my lying there in my own blood polling around me. I know i have to get up and leave. So i bares my self for the pain and stand. It hurts. Everywhere. I walk to the door, walk door the street, into an ally and prepare to die there and then in the street.

Authors note:

Sorry for the short chapter will be more up soon, I had a little writers block lately and didn't know what to put but i am back into it now so will get to writing more. Don't forget to comment and like i love to hear your opinions. whos looking forward to the next chapter?

Maddz :)

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