Love Us

Becky and her 8 month yr old daughter lacy are at nandos when they come across one direction. Will lacy get a new dad or will it be to late for Becky to fall in love again.


8. Rational Decisions


Liam's P.O.V

"Liam, are you okay? What the hell happened? Is Becky going to be alright?" I was bombarded with questions as the boys all gathered round me and little Lacy.

"I... I don't even know.." I stuttered, trying not to disturb Lacy. "I found her in an alley beside her house, she was unconscious, barely breathing, covered in her own blood. I called the ambulance, and now we're here. She's in a coma, they don't know when she's gonna wake up, or if she's gonna wake up at all..." I could barely get the last part of my sentence out before tears started streaming down my face.

"That's terrible! Who would do something like that to her? Then just leave her to die like that? And what's gonna happen to poor little Lacy?" Louis put his arm around me and pulled me into a hugg, while trying to avoid waking up Lacy.

"I said I'd take care of her." I mumbled, not looking forward to the boys reaction.

"You WHAT? Liam, what are you thinking? Surely she has to have family or something that she can stay with? And we are going on tour soon!" Zayn blurted out. 

"I know, I know, I don't know what came over me, I just said it and signed the form. The doctors here also think that I'm her boyfriend. I blurted that out too, even though it's not true..." I kept looking at the floor, not wanting to look any of the boys in the face.

"It's okay mate, don't worry about it for now, Lucy is on her way and she will know what to do. And as for you saying that Becky is your girlfriend, well I don't know how that's gonna turn out. You really like her don't you?" Harry said as I walked over beside the bed that Becky was on.

"More than anything.... I wish she was mine." Wait did I really just say that? I guess the truth comes out in intense moments like these. I love Becky Treat and there is nothing more to it. Except for the fact that she is in a coma and may never wake up.

Lucy comes running into the room with a tear stained face. She stopped once she saw all of us, and completely broke down. Harry pulled her into his arms and held her close to him.

After a few minutes, Lucy pulled herself together enough to be able to talk.

"What exactly happened?" She sniffed before continuing. "I bet I can guess who's behind this though.... That lousy son of a bitch!" She suddenly got really angry, she walked over to Becky's bed and held her hand. What was she talking about? She knew who did this to Becky.

Since I didn't reply, Louis decided to do it for me, thankfully. " Liam found her in alley, beaten and bloody, unconscious and barely breathing, he called an ambulance and they brought her here, the rest of it is a mystery to us. What do you mean you can guess who did this to her? Who did it?"

Lucy walked over to me, pausing before looking at me, then down at Lacy, still sleeping in my harms. "May I?" she asked, it took me a second to figure out that she wanted to take Lacy.

"Umm... sure.." I said, looking down at Lacy leaning into my chest, I was reluctant to let her go but managed to let Lucy take her off me.

"Hey beautiful" She cooed as Lacy stirred, waking from her peaceful slumber. She then started talking about the one thing that we all wanted, no, needed to know about.

"Well, you know how I told you about her boyfriend? There is no person other than him that would do this to her. He's a cold hearted asshole." She muttered.

"I'm going to kill him! I yelled as I headed towards the door, I was so angry, but as I reached the door, Louis and Zayn were blocking my way.

"Turn around mate, you're not going anywhere.  Not when you're like this." Since when was Louis the rational one? Did they not understand how badly I want to hurt this guy!?

"He's right Liam, I feel the same as you, but we have to stay here, for Becky, and for Lacy" Lucy walked over to me, I took Lacy from her, and held her tight. She was right, Becky's boyfriend will pay for what he did to her, but not right now. Lacy needs me here, and I don't think I could be away from Becky for very long.

"You're right, I'm sorry." I walked back over to Becky's bed and sat on a chair nearby.

Lacy was drifting back to sleep in my arms, she looked so peaceful.

"Come one Becky.... You have to wake up, for us." I mumbled. 


**Author's Note**

Hey Guys! This is Sami, I'm one of the co-authors of this story, I really hope you like this chapter, but if you think it could be improved or whatever, feel free to let me know!

Lots of love and carrots ;P <3 xx

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