Love Us

Becky and her 8 month yr old daughter lacy are at nandos when they come across one direction. Will lacy get a new dad or will it be to late for Becky to fall in love again.


3. Phone call


Shit, i thought. It was my boyfriend. Well not really by boyfriend he beats me but there's nothing i can do about it need somewhere to stay. My parents our really strict and when they found out about Lacy they kicked me out onto the streets. My boyfriend let me stay at his, that was before i found out that he was alcoholic and would came home and beat me every night. I glanced at the boys then back at my phone i answered it and put it to my ear ready for the word abuse. 

(This is the phone conversation)  

Becky: Um hello. 

Boyfriend: Where are you ?!. He growled down the phone i could tell he was already pissed.

Becky: I am out, with Lucy remember i told you, you said it was fine. I tear went down my face and my voice was starting to tremble.

Boyfriend: Well now i'm changing my mind. Get the your bloody fucking arse home NOW !! You stupid bitch.

Becky: I'm sorry i will leave now i swear it wont happen again.

The line went dead. I was crying i knew what was going to happen i didn't want to go, i was happy hear with Liam and lacy. Lacy i don't want her to see this. Everyone was staring at me.

"L...L...L....Liam could you look after Lacy for a bit. I...I I've got something to take care of". I was stuttering.

"Yes, Becky Whats happened you know u can tell me anything right?". He looked concerned but no way could i tell him.

"Nothing i just have to go". I get up and run home.


Becky's phone started going off when she looked at it her breathing started to quicken, I went to put my hand on her leg but through better of it. She looked so scared, all the little and joy had gone from her eyes all the glowing hope she had had gone from her body i could sense it. She answered her phone her voice became timed and shy like she didn't wan to say anything wrong.Everyone went silent trying to o be rude and interrupt her phone call. Louis, who seemed very happy sat next to Becky's friend Lucy talking about loads of stuff, was now giving me the 'do you know whats wrong with her look'. I shook me head in response  I looked down at her daughter who was happily lying in my arms sucking at her bottle, God how much i would give to be this girls father. How much  would give to wake up ever morning to see Becky's star stunning looks when i wake up. I get lost in my dream until i hear a soft cry come from beside me. My head shoots up to see the wonderful girl i think I've fallen in love with crying. She looked at me. Right into my eyes. I could see so much sorrow and sadness i hated it who ever was doing this to her was going to pay.

"L...L...L....Liam could you look after Lacy for a bit. I...I I've got something to take care of". She was stuttering. I hate seeing her like this. From hear on i make a vow to never see her like this again.

"Yes, Becky Whats happened you know u can tell me anything right?". I was So concerned for her, who on earth would make a beautiful girl like Becky feel like this?.

"Nothing i just have to go". Her head shot to the floor as she picked up her bag and ran out of the restaurant.

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