Love Us

Becky and her 8 month yr old daughter lacy are at nandos when they come across one direction. Will lacy get a new dad or will it be to late for Becky to fall in love again.


2. One direction?!


"I...uumm..I found her hear under the table" I pointed at the table. I've only just realized that all the boys are now starting at me holding this adorable baby with its beautiful mother shouting at me.

"Oh i'm sorry i didn't know that, i though u were trying to take my baby" She blushed and turned her head.

"My names Becky an this is Lucy and the little one is lacy........... she seems to like you"  I totally agreed lacy was now snuggling down into my arms and falling asleep.

"Well my names Liam"

"Oh i know who you are, your one direction and i am trying so hard not to fan girl right now" She giggled wow she knew us. I am starting to like this girl more by the minute. Becky's got these sapphire blue eyes that i could just lose myself in. Her body's so sleek and her curves are just pure beauty just like her daughter. I realized i was eyeing her up and down, i turned my head, i could feel my self blushed and getting aroused.

"Well why don't you and Lucy sit with us?" i was gesturing towards the 2 spare chairs on our table. I realized i was still holding Becky's child i went to give it back to her as she was taking her seat next to mine.

"No no if you want to hold her its fine, she seems content, would you like to feel her?"



Oh. My. God. Liam Payne is holding my baby. Don't fan girl. Don't fan girl. EEEEEPPPP! Hes talking to you answer brain.

".....Becky are you there?" Liam was waving one of his hands in front of my face. I had spaced out, great.

"Yeah sorry what did you say Liam?" I could feel my self blushing again i was so not falling in love with Liam was i? He has the most amazing smile, his hazel hair and eyes are just so beautiful i cant help but stare.

"Well i was wondering if you wanted to meet up with me and the boys again so we can get to know each other?" He seemed nervous. Aww thats so cute. I smile.

"Yes of course, Why don't i give you my number and you can txet me times?"I asked.

"that sounds great" His smile beamed like 1 thousand suns. We had just swapped numbers when my phone rang.


Sorry for the short chapter I wrote it in school as i am getting ready for exams its hard to find time to write but i hope you all like it and get your mates to read it to another chapter will be up in the next two days. :) thanks for reading btw guys :) xx

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