Love Us

Becky and her 8 month yr old daughter lacy are at nandos when they come across one direction. Will lacy get a new dad or will it be to late for Becky to fall in love again.


1. Nandos


My name is Becky i am 18 years old and i have a daughter named Lacy, shes 8 months old. 

Lacy and I our sat waiting for my best mate Lucy to arrive at nandos. I sit at the table sipping my coke And feeding Lacy when i really need to go to the toilet. I sit Lacy on the chair and get up.

"Now you stay hear Lacy and be a good girl for mummy and aunt Lucy will be soon". I tickle her in the tummy earning me a giggle from Lacy's little mouth and scurry off to the loo.

As i make my way back from the toilet i see Lucy at the Door flirting ass normal with a waiter.

"Hey Lucy over hear "I shout in her direction waving like a loony when your trying to get someones attention.

"Oh, hey Becky How are you? wheres my favorite girl?". Becky was making her way over to me with A Lot of bags in her hands. She had clearly been shopping and was going to sit and boast how i had lost my job that morning.

"Shes at the table and i'm fine just upset really, you know losing my job and all".I hugged her And walked towards our table.


The guys and I were all going out for lunch at nandos. Which was good i need a pick me up i was feeling a little down lately, I was i only one apart from Zayn and harry with out a girlfriend and i was feeling a little love sick. We sat down and ordered our food Naill ordering the most of course, he could eat for an army. I was about to starting eating my food when something started pulling on my shoe so i got off my chair, bent down and saw a baby playing around on the floor. I scooped her up off the floor looking down on her.she looked so content, happy, free willed who ever was her parents were lucky what i would kill for a daughter like this. I stood up still staring at the cheerful child that was now playing with my finger.

"Uuuuum....Liam is there something you want to tell us ?" Louis asked with a questioning voice raising an eyebrow.

"oh I found her on the floor she so cute look" i lent down so Louis could see the adorable face. I heard a scream and spun round on my heels to see a very angry women storming towards me.

"What the hell are you doing with my baby?!?!?"

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