Love Us

Becky and her 8 month yr old daughter lacy are at nandos when they come across one direction. Will lacy get a new dad or will it be to late for Becky to fall in love again.


7. Hospital

Liam's P.O.V

She was just laying there, cold, not moving it brought a tear to my eye. What was i to do just sit hear i put my hand in hers and call 999. I swear if i find out who did this to her they will die and i wont take any mercy. I can barley talk when the ambulance arrives  I stutter what i know and then shut up not knowing whats going to happen. Lacy has gone still and quiet in my arms, shes fallen asleep to my heart beat. Whats going to become of this little Angel? She cant go to Becky's boyfriend,could i look after her ? No i am going on tour soon its impossible. We arrive at the hospital and they wheel her away, standing there in pure shock i call the boys.

Liam: Hhhhey guys Uuuum ccan you come to the hospital please somethings happened to Becky

Harry: Hey mate yeah sure whats happened

Liam: well i found her barley alive lieing in the street and I don't know whats going on could you tell Lucy to please I can deal with this on my own mate

Naill (shouting down harry's phone): We are on our way whats going to happened to Lacy?

Liam I DON'T KNOW ! 

Harry: calm down we are outside now were are you?

Liam: No just ask for Becky Treat at the reception i will see you at her room.

Harry: OK mate see you in a minute mate

I hang up and walk into her room.Shes hooked up to many a machine's and heart rate things. She looks so pale just lieing there, eyes closed showing her blue eye shadow and long eyelashes due to her mascara. So pretty yet so dead.

"Excuse me can i help you? Are you this girls Boyfriend?" I spine round to see a tall lanky doctor stood in the door way.

"Yes i am" Why did i say that? do i want to be? The only thing i know is i want to make sure that this harmless little girl is safe even if i have to look after her.

"Well there is some good news. Shes alive and due to the operation being a success she will make a full recovery. But shes in a self induced coma and we don't know when she will wake up. We are giving her 1 year or we are cutting all her life support. Is that her child, Lacy in your arms?" Hes so formal but precise with his words. I cant breathe she might not wake up. I might not be able to tell this girl how much i LOVE her.

"Yes this is her i would like to take full responsibly for her while Becky like this" I stutter not knowing what to say. I have no clue how to look after a child but i cant leave her.

"Yes that is fine Just sign hear" He pushes a clip board towards me and as i go to sign Louis and all the other boys storm in.

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