The 76th Hunger Games

Get ready to enter the arena... again.
But this time it's the Capital's turn☻


1. The Reaping.

They had decided to go ahead with it. 

The whole of the Capital were besides themselves. Including me. I sat down on my water bed in my orange painted room and sighed. Pulling at my tropical colored dress I looked around, this might be the last time I sit here. My thoughts were interrupted by a shout "Terrah, we need to go!" My brother Phox was standing outside my door. He grabbed my hand and together we walked out into the sun. Outside was chaos; there were thousands of people around, all heading to the Justice Building.  

Me and Phox followed by Mother and Father made our way round the crowd. I didn't even notice when Phox tugged me over to the blood station and someone pricked my finger. Then it started. I noticed a figure walk onto the stage. The voice sounded familiar. I blinked and my vision cleared. Katniss Everdeen stood on the stage, hands clasped together. "Um, hello everyone! Yes er, shall we start?" she stammered. Katniss walked over to one of the clear bowls. "Oh I almost forgot... sorry I'm not used to this! Happy Hunger Games and May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!" She hovered her hand over the opening in the bowl then delved in. "Terrah Lockhearst".

Everyone shuffled out of the way but I just stood there... I was in shock. I hadn't expected it to happen. I had no chance, I knew it. 23 capital kids and then there was me; Terrah Lockhearst. I walked forward slowly; everyone stared at me; I was the first girl to be picked... I reached the stage and strode up the stairs I slipped and scuffed my shoe on the black stairs. No one laughed like they usually would though, they all felt sorry for me. I reached Katniss and she placed her hand on my shoulder.

The reaping went all too quickly as Katniss read out the names of my competion. I didn't catch them all, i was too busy staring into space. I caught Phox's eyes a few times yet he kept looking away, but it was too late I'd already spotted the tears in his eyes!

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