The 76th Hunger Games

Get ready to enter the arena... again.
But this time it's the Capital's turn☻


2. Afterwards.

Now you may be thinking how would you be mentored? Surely you cant mentor 24 tributes at once? Well that is what I was thinking!

Soon after I had said my goodbyes to my family a man entered my room and took me to a hall. A boy stood in the center hands in his pockets. He was tapping his foot along to a beat that I recognized but wasn't sure of the name. He looked up as the door slammed, raised an eyebrow at me then carried on tapping. I stood their awkwardly; not knowing what to say I started to tap along too. I starting getting into the music but then I felt his gaze on me so I stopped. " Wren Rankin, pleased to meet you." said the boy sticking out his hand, I blinked and shook his hand slowly. "I'm, erm, my name is Terrah" I said nervously. 

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