He stole my heart

This is my fist fanfic so please don't be too mean ;) but this is a love story between Harry styles and A girl named Audrey O'Brien. Audrey's family had just moved to California all the way from Dallas Texas due to her dads work. She was attending school at melody springs in september but until then she decided to get a job and work at the Nandos right around the corner from her house. It was her fist day at work and thats when it all changed.


19. You're my everything.

Both my parents know im with Harry still So really i dont have a care in the world right now. All i do know is i am hungry. I take a piece of pizza and start to eat. Harry tried to say something but his mouth was stuffed with pizza so i just laughed. When he finished he asked me if I was up for the campfire tonight. I said yes forsure and once again I would probably sleep here. My parents are going to wonder. But they do know im only 15 and im not stupid so i hope they think of that. By the time i was done eating my pizza i think i had more on my mouth than i got in it. I went to reach for a napkin but he just looked at me funny. Napkins are for losers let me take care if that. He said. I didnt know what he meant but i saw him lean in to me. He got colser and closer to me. He was almost laying on me when he lifted up his shirt and wiped my mouth. There, i shall never wash this shirt again. He said with a laugh. In my head i was expecting him to kiss it off. But i found it cute how he used his shirt. Oh what am i saying he is cute. Shortly after we finished the food, he took me up the hill to hi house and howed me around. His parents wernt home at the moment. They went o go get some things for the campfire later. So i sat alone up in Hazza's room while he got us some drinks. When he came back up he placed the drinks on the table and sat beside me. I reached over to grab my drink and so did he. When we put our drinks down he looked at me with a rather confused look on his face. It looked like he was trying to read my mind, just dead concentrating on me. I was starting to get scared, he hasnt even blinked yet. Can i try something? He finally said. i had no idea what he was goin to do so i just made a face that showed him i was kind of scared. I just watched a frown form upon his face as he said, if your scared dont worry. Everything will be ok Audrey. he assured me.
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