He stole my heart

This is my fist fanfic so please don't be too mean ;) but this is a love story between Harry styles and A girl named Audrey O'Brien. Audrey's family had just moved to California all the way from Dallas Texas due to her dads work. She was attending school at melody springs in september but until then she decided to get a job and work at the Nandos right around the corner from her house. It was her fist day at work and thats when it all changed.


23. Why not me?

The nurses and doctors just started to pour in the room and i couldn't hold back. I just lost my mind, i was kicking and punching as 2 nurses had to escort me out of the room. Everyone was in tears outside of his room just hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Looks like god really dropped the bomb on me this time. I sat on my knees with my hands covering my face screaming into my hands as loud as i could right where the nurses put me down. And thats when i knew this was it. The boy was gone. I would no longer be able to be happy and at that ever smile again. The one i loved has left me and not just for now but forever. And i would never be able to forgive myself for this. I will blame myself everyday thinking why couldnt that be me insted? All of our good moments were dancing in my mind like the sweetest bird singing the most beautiful song and all i kept thinking was thats it. When a doctor came out of the room to tell us what was happening. Hey little laddie, he said tapping me on the shoulder. I didnt even bother to look up, but he still continued telling us the new while rubbing my back. His heart stoped. But... He continued... As soon as i heard the but i looked at him. We were able to bring it back. I just couldn't hold back i jumped on the doctor with so much joy and i screamed HARRY! And i made a dart for it in his room. His eyes were open and he looked right at me. He pulled my hand down and whisperd very quietly in my ear because he could barley talk... I love you to. I kissed him like there was nobody eles even there. Just him and i against the world.
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