He stole my heart

This is my fist fanfic so please don't be too mean ;) but this is a love story between Harry styles and A girl named Audrey O'Brien. Audrey's family had just moved to California all the way from Dallas Texas due to her dads work. She was attending school at melody springs in september but until then she decided to get a job and work at the Nandos right around the corner from her house. It was her fist day at work and thats when it all changed.


3. Starstruck

It felt like he was an angel or something. His hair was all brown woth the most perfect curls i have ever seen. He had a cute face along with the most beautiful smile and green eyes i have ever layed my eyes on. He was perfect in every single way possible. I couldnt stop staring at him so when he looked over at me he probably thought i was some sort of weirdo. I noticed him starting to walk my way so being shy i went to turn around to walk away and i smacked right into Emma carrying someones order. Oh my god i am so so so sorry Em. It was Harry wasnt it? She asked me. That's Harry?!?! I yelled. He distracted you, his curls, face and that body, just him. He is the most gorgeous boy i have ever seen. Answerd Emma. Someones got a crush! I sang while helping Emma pick up all of the food from the floor and replace it. Emma just bluhed as she told me that harry doesnt like her the way that she likes him. She even told me that he said she wasnt his tupe whatever that means. Maybe he just had a thing for a certain type of girl then. I told Em. Well i tryed to fit his expectations but that just made him not like me even more. Said Em. What do you mean by expectations? I asked. Well he had a thing for girls with long brown hair, green eyes just like him, a simple but carefree personality, he also likes a good athletic type. Oh. Was all i maneged to get out of me.
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