He stole my heart

This is my fist fanfic so please don't be too mean ;) but this is a love story between Harry styles and A girl named Audrey O'Brien. Audrey's family had just moved to California all the way from Dallas Texas due to her dads work. She was attending school at melody springs in september but until then she decided to get a job and work at the Nandos right around the corner from her house. It was her fist day at work and thats when it all changed.


4. Loss for words

I finished helping Emma pick up everthing and i went to stand up and i felt a hand grab mine and help me up. I looked to see who had helped me right as he had said, hey there my name is Harry but people call me hazza or harry bear whatever you want to call me is fine. You must be the new girl Audrey. He added with that deep beautiful voice of his. Oh um ah hey. Was all i said. You know theres no need to be shy. Im the same as you though i can be pretty shy so i understand. He said while looking me straight in the eyes. You have beautiful eyes. I mumbled. You do to. I love green eyes. I gotta run Paul is already mad at me for being late. Catch you later babe. Said harry with a wink.
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