He stole my heart

This is my fist fanfic so please don't be too mean ;) but this is a love story between Harry styles and A girl named Audrey O'Brien. Audrey's family had just moved to California all the way from Dallas Texas due to her dads work. She was attending school at melody springs in september but until then she decided to get a job and work at the Nandos right around the corner from her house. It was her fist day at work and thats when it all changed.


17. Forever young in his arms.

Harry can i tell you something? i asked him with sleepy eyes. of course you can tell me anything babe. he answerd. When i had that accedent with Emma and dropping everything its because when i first layed me eyes on you i knew i loved you. And then you looked at me and started to walk over and i just get so shy so i went to run and i smacked into Em with all that food. So thats what happend. He said with a laugh. Yeah. I told him. After that i sugested that we sing a bit more. I didnt mind singing, as a matter of fact i acually enjoy it. This time we both Grabbed a microphone and sang together. We sounded pefect together. Like the sweetest song sang by the most beautiful bird. When we sat back on the couch we watched some tv and i started to doze off. The last thing i remeber was his voice saying goodnight and a quick kiss.

I woke up in the morning completely laying on Harry. I turned my head sideways to see if he was ok from me sleeping on him and he was wide awake looking up at the ceiling. Thats when i rolled off him and asked him what he was looking at. He just simply said nothing. I kind of just ignored it and got up. Knowing that we had the whole day to ourselves i didnt know what to do first. I looked at Hazz for some ideas but he said nothing. We sat there in silence for a while before he sugested we go in the water at the beach. I didnt hesitate to agree and run outside onto the beach. He wasnt far behind me so i decided to run in the warm ocean water clothes and all. Harry on the other hand took off his shirt and he was in too. He ran towards me in the water so trying to run away the tide knocked me off balance and i dissapeared for a while. Everytime i poped my head up for some air i looked at him and he was still looking for me. It kind of looked like he was paniking. Ok so the jokes over you can come up now! He shouted. Yeah it was getting old, i swam up to Hazz and tackled him from behind. We both fell back into the water and just had a good laugh.
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