Daniella is a vampire. To be exact she is a 2000 year old vampire. She was out jogging and bumped into a group of boys. she develops a thirst for them and runs into them more than she would like to. To top it off, the boys happen to be One Direction.


3. Wolf to Vampire

I sighed and grabbed pillows and blankets from the closet. I put them on the couch and gestured it to him. "They will be here all night and maybe even longer." I said. He nervously sat on the edge of the blankets. "Your'e not gonna suck my blood are you?" He asked. I just laughed and zoomed up the stairs. I grabbed my favourite book and ran into my room. I took a leap and landed on the top of my loft bed. It wasn't really a bed, it was like a room in mid air. On the bottom half I had pillows and books scattered everywhere. Above I had a desk, a laptop, more books, and all kinds of electronics. My favourite part of the room was my window. It was pressed against the wall and had two window seats. One was on the bottom half and one on the top half. Each was decorated with blankets pillows and books. On each level I had enough room to stand and about 6 feet of space above my head. My ceiling was way up there. I sat on the top window seat and gazed out. All of the sudden a werewolf hurtled onto the ledge under my window. It jumped onto the deck by the living room and ripped the door off it's hinges. I jumped up and leap off the top level and landed on the bottom step of the stairs. I ran to the wolf which was running towards Liam. I jumped and landed in a crouch in front of it. I growled and launched at him. My fangs came out and I sunk them into her. I knew it was a her because this was my werewolf friend, Tessa. They lost their human minds when they transformed. I realized what I had done and jumped up. I ran upstairs and grabbed my vamp first aid kit. I shot downstairs and opened it. I looked in it and realized there was no bite treatment because vampires wouldn't need bite treatment. i panicked and chucked the kit across the room. I grabbed a glass of water and drizzled it over the marks. I had only fifteen minutes to try and save her. I realized, looking at the clock. I scooped up Liam effortlessly and ran downstairs. I put him on a lounge chair and ran upstairs. I locked the basement door behind me and turned to Tessa. She was coming out of werewolf form. She turned human and stood up.  She had red eyes and fangs poking out of her mouth. No. She sniffed and ran to the basement door. I yanked he way but she held the door handle. "I smell a human!" She shrieked. I stared at my ring and it doubled. I slid one off and put it on her finger. She settled and opened the door. The rings gave vampires self control and ability to go in sun. She walked down and I handed her a blood bag. She looked at it and tore it open. She gulped it all down and Liam saw her. "SHES A VAMPIRE!!!!" He screamed. I sighed and explained. "I accidentally turned her and now she's a vampire but I gave her a self control ring." He nodded and ran upstairs. I heard him settle on the couch and start to snore. I turned to Tess and my mouth opened in shock. She was hanging over the cooler and empty blood bags were strewn around her. I ran to her and her mouth was covered in blood. She threw away my last blood bag which was now empty.

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