Daniella is a vampire. To be exact she is a 2000 year old vampire. She was out jogging and bumped into a group of boys. she develops a thirst for them and runs into them more than she would like to. To top it off, the boys happen to be One Direction.


10. Werewolf

I let go of her and pointed to the stairs. She ran up them and I turned to Zayn, Perrie and Danielle I snarled at Zayn as he stepped in front of the two girls. He lowered into a crouch and I leaped forwards. I wrestld him to the ground and pressed down on his nose. It started to bruise and I let go and smirked. All of the sudden Perrie launched at me. I growled and stood up. I grabbed her by her hair and held her away from me as Danielle ran to Zayn and helped him up. I kicked Perrie and she fell on her back and slid into the wall. It crashed apart to reveal a set of stone stairs. She flopped down them and thudded at the bottom. Zayn ran down them and was suddenly pulled into darknesss. I shoved Danielle down and she dissapeared too. Perrie looked in their direction with fright and clambered up the stairs. She stopped at the top of them and I pulled her up. I shifte the wall pieces so it looked normal and walked to the bookshelf. I slid it against the broken part of the wall and stepped back. Liam and Niall zoomed downstairs, with Eleanor slung over Liam's back.Tessa walked out from the kitchen, where she had gone to hide. I pointed at Liam and he put Eleanor down. I pointed to Perrie and she said in response, "I guess I will join."

Perrie's POV. I answered her and shied away towards the bookshelf. I leaned against it and it fell through the wall. I stumbled forwards and ran to the kitchen. I stopped in the doorway as I saw the cupboard move away from the wall and a tall figure step through the opening. I dived under the table and the figure ran through the doorway. It came back with a shaky Tessa. He through her into the opening and climbed in, closing the cupboard behind him. I moved out from under the table and felt an odd sensation. It felt like I was being stretched and all of the sudden I grew light brown hair- or was it fur- all over my body and fell on four legs. I opened my mouth to speak, but a howl came out instead. I bounded to the living room and skidde dto a stop. Daniella was staring at me and she let out a scream. "WOLF!" She cried. I raised my eyebrows an looked around. I didn't see a wolf anywhere. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My reflection was, a wolf. I howled instead of screaming and I ran to the living room again. I felt something stab into me and I was forced asleep.

When I woke up I was strapped to something hard. I still had the fur so I knew I was still a wolf. Eleanor was bent over me and she shot a needle into me and walked away. I waited for ten minutes and Daniella walked in with Liam. Liam was holding a dart gun. Not like a toy, but the ones that make you fall asleep. Daniella walked up to me and said "You are not a vampire. You are a wolf. Because befoe I accidentally bit Tessa she was a werewolf and then she bit you. Which made you a werewolf." She explained to me. I ripped myself from the straps and bounded towards Liam and the door. He aimed his dart gun at me and I dodged it. I flew out the door and down the stairs. I ran out the front door and into the forest accross the street. I went well into the woods, and looke back at the house, still running. I smacked into a tree and got knocked out. 

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