Daniella is a vampire. To be exact she is a 2000 year old vampire. She was out jogging and bumped into a group of boys. she develops a thirst for them and runs into them more than she would like to. To top it off, the boys happen to be One Direction.


4. Vampire Hunters

I sighed and pulled her away from the cooler. I closed and pushed her upstairs. I left her on the couch and ran up to my room to find my extra supply of blood bags. I searched through my smll closet and found nothing. I looked in the extra room and found nothing. I zoomed downstairs and turned to the couch. I saw Tessa crouched at one end of the room and Liam standing with a pillow infront of his face. Tsssa leaped up to him and snarled. She bared her fangs and ran up to him. I flew at her and wrestled Tessa away. I shoved her into the wall and it broke right down the middle. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to a linen closet. I grabbed my chain and tied her hands in it. I tied them against the support pole and gave her my ring for more self control. I walked outside and shot to the market. I walked to the back and was suddenly aware of all the different blood smells of humans. I tensed and with out trying to, I jumped to the closest human. I bit their neck and uncontrolably sucked blood. The human screamed and fell limp. I dropped them and turned to a little girl who was cowering against the wall. I lunged for her and she screamed a high pitch noise. I snarled and bit her wrist. I took enough to kill. I turned and everyone had fled the store. I shot home thinking, if I weren't vampire I would be bawling. I ran inside and shut the door. I walked away from it and two things happened at once. The door was kicked open and the back door was torn off. Police and vampire hunters filed in. Tessa bit the chains off and lunged t Liam. She grabbed him and slid him under the couch before anyone saw him. She covered the opening with blankets and stood quickly. The vampire hunters ran up and put rubber handcuffs on us. Rubber, for some reason, was our weakness. I shied away from them and they grabbed me and Tessa. They led us off and shoved us in a car. The rubber made us fall fast asleep.

Liam's POV.   I stood up and looked around. They were gone. I ranto her laptop and searched 'nearest vampire' my result was simple. 'Two houses down.' I jumped up and ran to my house. I asked Niall something and he bravely nodded. We ran to the house and opened the unlocked door. "Visitors." A voice snarled.

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