Daniella is a vampire. To be exact she is a 2000 year old vampire. She was out jogging and bumped into a group of boys. she develops a thirst for them and runs into them more than she would like to. To top it off, the boys happen to be One Direction.


5. New

Nialls POV. I cried in pain and fell backwards on to Liam's leg. The pain overwhelmed me and I blacked out.

Daniella's POV. I woke up as I was pushed into a room full of rubber. My mind felt like it was being twisted around. I leaned against the rubber bars and quickly scooted away. So, here's the thing. Rubber weakens us and guess what destroys us. Fire. Only thing. We have to be torn to pieces and set on fire. I blinnked and everything came into focus. But I noticed two things in full detail. First, rubber rope had extended to me and Tessa and it now chained us against the wall. Second, the sharpest knife I had ever seen was exented from the wall and was slowly drawing towards us. And to top it off, the end of the knife was on fire. I freaked out and stuggled as much as I could. The rubber tihtened and I grew my fangs and bent my head down. I chewed against the rubber and nothing happened, exept me losing more and more strength.

Tessa's POV. I freaked and looked over at Daniella who was furiously nibbling the rubber. I sighed. The rubber made me faint, and the last thing I saw was Daniella fainting.

Daniella's POV. I snapped awake and saw Niall and Liam rushing through the doors. But one thing perplexed me. Their skin was paper white, like mine and there eyes were murky gold. And if it was possible, they were more beautiful then they had ever been. They ran to the rubber and effortlessly ripped the bars open. Liam ran to me, and Niall to Tessa. Liam untied the rubber and helped me up. I fell back down, and to my astonishment, he picked me up. Niall picked up Tessa an ran us out of theroom. One second too late. The knife slashed my wrist and it fell of and started burning.

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