Daniella is a vampire. To be exact she is a 2000 year old vampire. She was out jogging and bumped into a group of boys. she develops a thirst for them and runs into them more than she would like to. To top it off, the boys happen to be One Direction.


9. Join

I changed back to vamp form and jumped off the roof. I followed Niall and Liam in, with Tessa behind me. I flicked the light on and looked around. It was the kind of house you see in the old movies, with dust and ccobwebs everywhere. It was a mansion and the great staircase loomed infront of us, gray and dark. I ventured furtherr in ad found an old kitchen with a wooden stove and dirty mahagony cupboards and table. It was fair sized and the perfect touch was that the windows were painted black. We could see outside, but no one could see inside, like a limo. I set down my bags and opened the blood one. I unpacked it into the old fashioned fridge and made sure I put blood in the back, normal human stuff in front. I closed the fridge and shoved the bag into a giant space beside the wooden stove. I took my bags from everyone and ran upstairs. I chose a jumbo bedroom with a giant batyhroom attached to it, even though I didn't need the bathroom. I cheered in my head as I saw the grand window seat. I set  up pillows and blankets on it and scattered books all over it so it felt more like home. I walked to the great oak dresser nd put my clothes into it. I still had extra pillows, so I made a pillow fort and layezd blankets and books inside. I scattered bookks arond the room and turned to the king bed. I set up the last of my blankets and pillows on it and put books on the bedside table. I shoved the bags in my closet and opened my last bag. I unpacked rollerskates and helmets from it and stacked them neatly in my closet. I threw the bag on the top shelf in my closet and closed the door and walked out of my room. I shuffled down the stairs and saw only Tessa still down here. "Hey. How do yoou like it so far?" I asked. She shrugged so I dropped the subject. The door flew open and in came Zayn, Eleanor,Perrie and Danielle. They had white skin and red eyes. Vampires. Eleanor rushed up to me and demanded in a harsh tone, "Where is Louis!?" I shoved her away and looked at Danielle. She looked angry at me. "I can help with your hair problem." I said reffering to the missing clump of hair. I walked up to her and lifted a clump of hair from the other side. I put three small braid s in  it and then braided the braids. I pulled a bobby pin from my hair and pinned it to the missing-hair side. I stepped back and she felt her hair. Her face was still set in a glare. Eleanor walked up to Tesssa and growled. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Was her ear-peircing scream in Eleanor's face. She flinched and I shoved her into the wall. "I want to join your side." She said.


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