Daniella is a vampire. To be exact she is a 2000 year old vampire. She was out jogging and bumped into a group of boys. she develops a thirst for them and runs into them more than she would like to. To top it off, the boys happen to be One Direction.


6. Finding Out

I screamed and Liam shushed me. It had no effect. Niall rushed Tessa out and ran to their car. He quickly put her in it and he came back in and took me. He put me in the back and slammed into the drivers seat. He sped off with Liam still there. I screamed at the top of my lungs but he just sped up. Someone landed on the side of the car and climbed in the open window. It wwas Liam, and he was holding my hand. He placed it against my wrist and it immeadietly healed back on. Niall slammmed on the brakes and parked in my driveway. I got out and fell right over, an effect from the rubber. Liam picked me up, which brought me back to my senses. I jumped down and everyone followed me inside. I perched on the couch and Tessa went into the kitchen. "How... No why is your skin white, eyes gold, and How... how did you pick me up?" I chose my words carefully. "Well you won't want to hear this...." Liam paused and rushed the rest of his words out. "Well we got the Vampire down the street to bite us so... so we could save you." I exploded on them. "YOU DID WHAT WITH WHO OH... AND YOU!!!!!" I shrieked, turning to Niall. He backed up and I shoved him down the basment stairs. I shut and locked the basement door and rounded on Liam. "HOW COULD YOU THROW AWAY YOUR PERFECT LIFE!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU DID! YOU WILL HAVE TO END YOUR CAREER EARLY BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL DEFINETLY NOTICE YOUR NOT AGING!!!!!!!!!!" I spat at him with venom in my voice. I slammed him into the wall and thundered up the staicase. I slammed my door and punched the wall. My anger faded the slightest bit and I threw the door open, into Liam's surpried face. That brought the anger back. "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TELL YOUR BELOVED BAND WHEN YOU STOP AGING.... WAIT THAT'S RIGHT NOW!" I yelled. Niall came running upstairs and threw away the broken door he was holding. "It was our chose and we chose to risk it." Niall said calmly. My anger ebbed as I came to that realization. It completley faded and I realized something. We had no blood bags. "The rubber didn't effect us caause we are new but it probably will now." Liam said suddenly. I grinne mischeiviously and opened the closet. I carefully picked up some rubber and tied them against the wall with it. I ran downstairs with some in my hands and tied up Tessa. I took one ring and put it on. I flew out the door and down the street. I ran to the secret vamp shop and grabbed ten packs of blood which equalled a hundred blood bags. I shot home and thew them in the cooler. I untied everyone and they all headed to the basement to drink. I went up to my room and closed the door behind me. I picked up a book I had just gotten. It was called "The Journey of a Dog" and it was about a dog who was constantly being switched from owner to owner. When he died he was reborn as a human. I sat on my window seat and started the book. It was a good book and I finished by about 9am. Liamcame in and picked up my oldest book, which had been made in the 1800's. He sat on the ground below m and started reading.

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