Daniella is a vampire. To be exact she is a 2000 year old vampire. She was out jogging and bumped into a group of boys. she develops a thirst for them and runs into them more than she would like to. To top it off, the boys happen to be One Direction.


7. Danielle gets it

I zoomed downstairs and grabbed four blood bags. I tucked them under my arm and headed to the kitchen. I grabbed four fancy bat cups and poured a bloodbag into each one. I put ice in them and closed the lids. I also got some of my extra self control rings and set them on a tray beside the drinnks. I carried it upstair and walked into my room. Liam was gone. I went to an extr room and saw everyone reading. I walked in and set the tray on the ground. I sat down and handed out the cups. I gave Liam and Niall self control rings and they gulped up their blood. Tessa finsihed and et her cup down. "Everyone find a pair of roller skates that fit you and a helmet too." I said. They all walked to my closet and I ran to my room. I pulled out my white roller skates and black helemet with music notes on it. I put the helmet on and did up the roller skates. I only used helmets so we didn't get in trouble with the cops. I glided elegantly tot the hallway and saw Tessa Niall and Liam all wearing plain white skates and helemets. I flashed a thumbs up and skated downstairs and out the door. I glided down the street at an alarming speed and zoomed past a baffled couple. I stopped infront of the roller rink. I shoved the door open and shot in. I stopped at the desk as they stopped behind me. "Reserved track for four." I said and batted my eyelashes, flashing the worker a tip. He pointed down the hall and I skated down there. I stopped dea and stared at pictures of the track. It was in a dungeon themey thing with purple walls and skull candle holders. Beneath the floor was surging lava. "I am so building one of these at my house." I breathed. Tessa chuckled and I glided to the starting line with the others behind me. We all stopped and I pressed the button on the wall and a voice counted down. "Three, two... ONE!" I zoomed down the track and turned the sharp corner. I boosted up and jumped over the horizontal pole that I would have banged into. I heard Niall slam into it and I laughed. I ducked as a stick with spikes on it swung towards me. I didn't brake pace and I stayed crouched down as more flew at me. I looked a head and straithened up. Ahead of me was a spiral staircase, minus the steps. I twirled around and around as I turned the bends. All I had to do was stand there and ocasionally move my feet, because it was sloped fowards. I flew over the opening in the ground and looked at the lava below. With a pang I realized the opening was too big and I wasn't able to make it. I dived into the lava and swam to the track. I jumped on it and skated towards the loopdey loop. I twirled it and skidded across the finsih line. A minute later came Niall, Tessa and then Liam. "That lava was scary, I had to stop there and think how to get over it, then then Niall and Tessa swooped by and I used them s a bridge." Liam said. I laughed and he looked confused. I just shook my head no. We zoomed out after collecting our medals. I acd home and grabbed a blood bag. I went upstairs in  time to see everyone heading up. I walked to the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks. Louis, Eleanor, Liam and Danielle were standing in my kitchen. "Give. Them. Back, You white face FREAK!" Dnielle screamed. I exploded like I had on Niall and Liam. "YOU SHUT UP RIGHT NOW OR YOU ARE GOOD AS GONE! NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!" I screehed. She flinched back and I did something horrible. I popped open the bloodbag and dumped it on her head.

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