Daniella is a vampire. To be exact she is a 2000 year old vampire. She was out jogging and bumped into a group of boys. she develops a thirst for them and runs into them more than she would like to. To top it off, the boys happen to be One Direction.


11. Bye bye

When I woke up I was dizzy. I slowly stood up and walked forwards. I got more energy and ran again. All of the sudden I slipped and I was falling down a hole. I thudded onto uneven dirt and wobbled to my feet. Or well, my paws. I walked forwards and saw Zayn and Danielle slumped on the ground, tied agaist metal poles. I noticed that they didn't look like vampires anymore. I walked to them and bit the rope off. I managed to tie them to my back and I ran into the darkness. I ran for miles and stopped at stone steps. I clambered up them and walked through an opening and ended up in the house. All of the sudden I was shrinking and I was on my feet. No fur. I was a human/ vamp again. I fell backwards and quickly untied Zayn and Danielle. They fell backwards.

Daniella's POV. I ran downstairs and saw Perrie in human form with Zayn and Danielle behind her. But they weren't vampires. They were humans. I ran to them as Zayn stirred. I helped him up and sat him on the couch. Perrie sat beside him and held his hand. Danielle got up and just layed on the ground. "I.. I think the hunters found you." I breathed. They snapped to attention and I continued. "They only destroy vamps who have done something bad. Since you guys have done nothing, they extracted the vampire from you so you could live normally without causing danger." Zayn looked puzzled and Perrie whispered something in his ear.He nodded. Liam came down, saw Danielle, and crushed her in a hug."Liam!" I yelled. I heard bones starting to crack and Liam put down Danielle.

Tessa POV

I looked around and found myself werewof. Though this shape felt permanent. Vampires werewolves could carefully extract vampire and human from people and leave them forever werewolf. I had my light gray fur and small figure. I bounded out of the small cave and ran around the enclosure of bricks. I slammed into them and nothing happened. I walked into the cave and faced the doorway. I ran forwards and jumped over the wall. I saw the figure of the house in the distance and heard noise from it. I ran there and jumped in the back window. Unlike when I transformed at the moon, I still had my human brain and my human instincts. I saw human Danielle. I saw her as a meal. I jumped in the window and ran to her. I picked her up by the neck and bit her flesh. Daniella came down and saw me. She didn't recognize me so she yelled "WOLF!" And attacked. She leapt on me and strangled me down. I howled sadly and she pressed harder. I jumped out from under her and scraped Danelle's face as I did so. Daniella went crazy. because her ring was off. She sucked the flow of blood and Danielle went limp.

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