me and my best friends


1. meeting Hollie....

The first day at my new school and terrified like anything. I walk around the school at recess and i see two girls yelling. I walk to them and ask what happened and they said ohh nothing just a friendship break-up and "btw Olivia your the b**** and never talk to me again".i asked the girl that just lost her best friend Olivia what her name was she said "Hollie". I said "hay my name is Polina and i'm new here could you show me around the school". I was pretty amazed that "Hollie" was so nice because all the other schools i went to were the worst and the ugliest but only one person i liked out of the whole school his name was Zayn Malik he was the hottest boy EVER and the amazayne boy EVER.

The next day i come to school and i see HIM and i screen my head of. Then i walked up the stairs and saw Hollie and went up to her and said that Zayn Malik is in this school. Hollie said "nadahhhh his been in this school for three years and what do you like him or something". I said "UM NOOOOO". "Hes just nice and he went to my old school".

In my head i said "No i do like him can i lie to my new friend".........

"Shes my only friend and I've already lied to her"

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