Dreams really do come true.

Decided to bin the other Movella, didnt like it in the end. Feel free to read this, going to do this one instead:D Looking for a co-writer? Comment if interested!

Anyway, my name is Sophie, Im a 17 year old singer. Im about to go on tour, with One Direction. I am their opening act. Im hoping to get closer with Niall, if this all goes well? You'll have to read to find out.


2. Chapter Two

Sophie's POV


Today is the day, the day I go on tour with One Direction. I am meeting them at the airport, along with my manager, and their manager. I am thinking about what it is going to be like, with One Direction. I turn all of the electricity off, and drop Tyrone (My dog) off at my mums. She is so proud of me, I walk back to mine, I meet a couple of fans, but it was mostly a nice walk home. When I got home, I was greeted by Paul and Emma, my manager.

'You ready?' Paul questioned

'Been ready all day, haha' I laughed.

I was told that  my house was locked, and my bags were in the car by Emma.

'Lets go!' They both said.


Niall's POV

Me and the boys have been at the airport for a while now, waiting.

'I wonder what she is like?' Harry said out out loud.

'Paul said she is very nice, so we should get along well.'


We were in the middle of discussing the tour when the most beautiful girl sat down with us.

'Hey guys, Im Sophie!'




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