Dreams really do come true.

Decided to bin the other Movella, didnt like it in the end. Feel free to read this, going to do this one instead:D Looking for a co-writer? Comment if interested!

Anyway, my name is Sophie, Im a 17 year old singer. Im about to go on tour, with One Direction. I am their opening act. Im hoping to get closer with Niall, if this all goes well? You'll have to read to find out.


1. Chapter One

Sophie's POV


'Wishing on a dream, for you and me-e-e!' I sang, I'm a singer you see, I am 17, 18 on the 22nd July, in the Summer. Its a long way to wait, but I love it.

'Run the song through one more time Soph' my manager said to me, through the microphone

I sang the song again, it was so much better this time.

'Perfect!' My manager smiled.

'We have a meeting today with Paul Higgins at 2 o'clock, dont forget!' My manager reminded me, I love my manager, she is like a sister to me. Ever since my sister died, she has been there for me through everything.

'Okay!' I replied, taking a sip of water.

-Later that day (2PM)-

'Okay, so the tour starts in 2 weeks, and you will be staying with them in their tour bus, okay?' Paul said to me, he is a really nice man

'Yep, so how long will the tour be?' My manager asked

'About 6 months, you will be travelling from Europe to USA and then home.'

I was so exited, not just for the tour, but for meeting One Direction. Im not really a fan, but I do like their music. 'Perfect' I said.


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