Auto Pilot

Escaping the problems I have to face in this world is really hard, but I made this poem, just for you guys to see how I feel about the darkness of problems that makes me go on auto pilot.


1. Auto pilot

I cant seem to work,
I stare at my hand,
Only to find I cant use it,
To wipe away my tears.
I look down to the ground,
Where my feel gently rest,
But they wont take me,
Away from this place.
And my head wont turn,
So I cant see you,
Smiling and waving,
Calling for me to wait.
But I'm not the one moving,
Don't you understand?
I forgot how to work,
So I go on auto pilot.
And my mind,
It knows that if, 
I were to let you come closer,
That you may decide to,
Walk right past me.
So I'm in this body,
That I forgot how to work.
I cant get it to stop,
From you,
The world,
This life.
Please dont blame me,
Because I'm not the one
Who made me 
Have to leave my decisions
On auto pilot.

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