My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


16. your accent is sexy


once Louis and I stopped in the park, i told him how i was thinking of going home. i don't know what im going to do. should i go home? should i stay for Liam and louis? i didn't realize what i was doing until louis spoke

''sarah? you alright?'' i didn't realize i had stopped walking

''hm..oh yeah'' i said speeding up to louis

''so, are we going to my old school?'' he asked

''if you want''

''ok. we can just walk. it isn't far away now'' 

''ok''. we walked in silence. i didn't know what to say i was busy thinking about home. i mean, should i come home? see my mum? take care of her? or stay? and be here with Lou and Liam? i snapped back to my scenes. me being my clumsy self, don't looking where i was walking. i tripped over a branch and fell into louis' arms.

''oi! are you sure you alright?'' he asked trying to help me regain my balance.

''yeah.. i- i just don't know what im doing'' i said bitting my lip, trying not to show my quivering lip.

''hey, its ok sarah'' he said lifting my chin. looking in my eyes, i tried to look away. ''sarah, look at me'' i turned my head to face him. i looked in his beautiful blue eyes.  i could tell people were watching, even though it felt we were the only people here.

''so, how come i've never heard your accent'' louis said moving his hand away from my face.

''i dont know. i guess i felt like i would get made fun of'' i said realizing how stupid my answer was

''seriously?! a girl, from ireland, living with a british/ irish boy band, afraid of being made fun of?!'' i had a small grin creep up on my  face. i looked down so he couldn't see

''i want to hear you. the real you'' he whispered in my ear. sending chills down my back. making me want to kiss him. 

i let loose and spoke ''ok'' i said. he looked at me curiously. ''what is it Lou?'' i asked 

his mouth dropped''i love it'' was all he said. he smiled at me, i smiled back.

''really?'' i asked sounding more american.

louis dropped his smile '' of course i love it!,'' he paused and pointed at me. i felt like a child being scolded for doing something wrong, ''never use that fake accent again. be you'' he dropped his finger and the smile grew back on his face. i didn't realize that we were at his school. i looked to my right 

''wow...this is your old school?!'' i asked 

''haha yep''

''louis, its beautiful!'' 

''not as beautiful as you'' he whispered in my ear. i playfully hit him on the arm. all of a sudden i didn't feel so good. i looked around i found a trash ben, i ran over to it. i pulled my hair back and...threw up.

''oh my god! sarah i knew you weren't alright!'' he said in an ' i- told- you- so' tone of voice. i leaned up from the trash ben, holding my stomach.

''i dont know what happened. i felt fine this morning. maybe it was the coffee on a hung over stomach''

''come on lets go back to the hotel and we'll go home''

''im not ready to go back, i just want to go to the hotel'' i said

''ok'' he responded

we walked back to the hotel in silence again. once we arrived to the hotel room i jumped on the bed and laid flat on my back.

''can i get you anything'' louis asked taking his jacket off. i shook my head.

''just come here'' i said patting the space beside me. he walked over and laid beside me.

''...i love your eyes. they're blue. my favorite colour''  he chuckled ed at my comment. i rolled over on my side to get a full look at louis. i tangled my fingers in his hair, he closed his eyes. i moved my hand away from his hair and brushed my hand against his cheek i kissed his forehead then pulled away. he let a moan leave his lips at the loss of my touch. my hand still hovered over his cheek. he must have felt the heat from my hand, he grabbed my hand and pulled it to touch his cheek. he took his free hand and pulled me close. i looked at his arms holding me close. i looked at his face, he had a slight grin on. i moved my hand to tangle his hair, then moved my hand to his cheek. i ran my hand to the back of his neck and started to move my thumb back and forth on his neck, i leaned closer so that our foreheads were touching. i couldn't help but grin as he held me tight in his sleep. he was protecting me.


i couldn't sleep, i couldn't bear not looking at him.  i leaned up to look at the clock, 4:54. i still wasn't tired. i was abled to wiggle out of louis' grasp. i didn't want to wake him, so i lie there not moving,watching him. he slowly turned to lay down on his stomach. i slowly tried moving and when i bumped into the nightstand beside me. i turned as quick as i could to steady the lamp from falling. i creeped down to the door, i started to turn the handle as i heard footsteps. i knew i was caught.

''sarah?'' i turned to see a sleepy louis standing in front of me.

''sorry i didn't meant to wake you''

''where you going?'' he asked rubbing his eyes, inhaling a deep breath

''i dont know'' i said shrugging my shoulders

''come back'' he said grabbing my wrists leading me back to the bed. he laid down first patting the space beside him. i hesitantly laid beside him. he pulled me in closer i felt his breathe on my neck. he planted a soft kiss on my neck then moving up to my cheek. he then kissed my lips. i closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss.

''did i ever tell you how sexy i think your accent is?... it way better on you than on Niall''. i laughed at the reference to Niall. '' im serious sarah'' he said, i could feel his eyes were looking at me. i opened my  eyes and gave him a questioning look,''what'' i asked

''i dont understand why you hide behind that fake accent''

''you aren't going to let that go are you?''

''nope'' he said popping the 'p' sound. i just took a deep breathe unsure of what to say, i close my eyes and pull him closer,

''just shut up and lie with me'' i said giving him a kiss on the forehead. i tried moving away from him

''hey! you want me to lay with you?''

''yes'' i said 

''then, i get to hold you'' he said triumphantly  as he grabbed my waist and pulled me close. minutes passed before i spoke

''Lou?'' he moaned then opened his eyes

''im cold'' i said as a quick breeze brushed my back causing me to shiver

''alright, come here'' he said moving so the covers could be lifted above us. i was engulfed by warmth around me, by the covers and by louis' arms holding me against his body.i started to drift to sleep. i still cant believe we are here right now all because of jake...jake! shit! what if he's looking for me? what if he's go the boys? chloe? i shot up shaking. i brought my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my knees, i started to cry at the thought of going back in the morning. i woke louis.

''sarah?...sarah whats wrong?" 

''i-...i- what if he's back there waiting for me!?''  i looked over my shoulder to see louis concerned. he came closer to me, trying to comfort me. i full turned to face him. i hugged him tight


''yes sarah?''

'' scared'' i said, my hoarse voice even made me think it wasn't my voice at all

''its going to be ok. i promise'' he said rubbing my back, i felt calmer then suddenly sleepy. i moved away from him and fell back on the bed, i pulled him on top of me. 

''one last kiss'' i said pulling him closer to my face, i leaned up and kissed his soft pink lips.

''stay?'' louis asked, i knew what he was talking about. i shook my head 

''for you...i'll vist her one day''

''thank you''



''morning sleepy head'' louis said getting his shoes on

''morning'' i said sleepily


''sure let me get dressed and packed''

''done, i packed while you were asleep'' he blushed

''oh ok'' i said getting up from the warmth of the bed. as i stood i felt sick. i ran to the bathroom...and threw up, again.

''sarah? are you feeling ok'' louis rushed in after me and saw me on my knees over the toilet, shaking.

''no fever'' he said moving his hand to my head and cheek, ''come on lets get you home, you dont have to change''

we go down to the lobby. i wait while louis grabs the keys. we get in the car. the car ride was silent. it was moments before i talked to Lou.

''why are you mad at me?...'' i asked i didn't get a reply. ''Lou!? why are you mad at me!?''

''im driving. im trying to focus on the not mad''

''bull! you wont talk to me!'' i said hurt and anger in my voice. ''Lou!? talk to me!.. please! im begging you talk to me!.....fine don't talk to me'' it was a while before he spoke to me 

''you should text Liam we are almost there'' i texted Liam. we arrive to the house. i unbuckle my self from the seat and yanked open my door. i grabbed my things from the trunk and stormed off to the door. Niall answered.

''Hey! sarah! glad you back!''

i knew Lou would be pissed if i talked in my  american accent, maybe he'd be so pissed he'd talk to me ''hey Niall me too!'' i could hear Lou growl behind me

''sarah. what did i say'' Lou whispered in my ear. i knew Niall could hear, he looked at us confused. i spoke in the way louis wanted mw to, ''hey Niall! glad to be back!'' his jaw dropped i went back to my room and dropped my things. i heard footsteps behind me

''y- you're irish!?'' i turned to see Niall behind me with a smirk on his face

''haha yep!'' i winked

''where is every one?''

''they're out side''

''okidokie'' i said walking outside

''Hey!!!'' i yelled in my american accent, its sortof a habit.

''sarah!'' louis yelled back 

''sorry louis habit'' i said walking toward him. he grabbed my wrist

''break the habit'' he growled in my ear

''why should i? hm? i was even thinking of going home to my mum...all for you'' i could tell he was pissed and hurt, but hey he hurt me. ''...let go'' i said sternly. he let go of my wrist. i walked over to Liam

''hey babe!how was doncaster?'' he said as i got close to him.

''hey! it was good''

''what's up with lou?'' he asked looking at louis watching me.

''i dont know, im going to grab a coke want one?''

''nah im good''

''ok'' i said walking back to the house, i winked at louis. i walk into the kitchen and grab a coke. i hear footsteps behind me.

''what the hell was that all about'' i turned to see louis and his hand clenched in a fist on the counter.

''why are you made at me?''

''i asked first''

' i was mad because you didn't talk to me...'' i opened up my coke. ''...i mean did you forget about what happened in doncaster?'' my voice cracked a little.

''of course not.....i got a call from el while i was picking up our keys...''

''and? i thought you guys broke up'' i said taking a sip from my cold coke

''we did...el thinks she's uh.. el thinks she pregnant....with my kid'' i almost dropped my coke.

''oh... i thought you knew-'' i cover my mouth as the last few words came out

''knew what?''

''nothing i said nothing''


''lou i think im-'' right as i was about to tell louis, Niall comes in

''hey guys!'' he said

''hey Niall'' i responded 

''hey can you gather everyone for me?'' i winked at Niall, he knew what i was doing. i was about walk out to the den when louis grabs me

''what are you doing?''

''im being me" i said and walked over to the den

''so... i have some thing to tell you guys'' i then spoke normally

''Niall's not the only irish one'' i said as Niall engulfed me in a hug.

''what- i mean-... i totally didn't see that one coming'' Zayn said his jaw dropped .

''do you guys know what this means!? she's a wicked drinker!'' Niall yelled, causing me to laugh. louis took a sip from his drink then spit it out as soon as Niall finished his sentence. Harry started laughing so hard he almost fell off the couch. and Liam just sat there.

''chloe did you know about this?'' Liam asked

''..n- no''

''welp... surprise?'' i said after the awkward moment.


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