My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


12. what happened


i tried calling sarah, she never answered. i got worried. i pull up to where she said she was, i park the car and run to the beach. i couldn't find her. i start walking closer to the water when i see something or some one. as i get closer i start picking up my pace. i see her, its sarah. lying on the sand with the waves rolling under her on the shore.  as i get closer i see her clothes are wet. she looks so pale.

''sarah?'' i didn't get a response, i tried once again, ''sarah?'' 

i walk up so that im standing above her, i saw blood, from her head. i call for the ambulance.

''yes sir, we are on our way''

''ok thank you'' i hung up.

i pick sarah up wedding style and carry her away from the water's edge. i set her down then go pick up her stuff. i come back sitting by her. unsure of what to do i rip part of my shirt and dab her head to try and clean up the blood. about ten minutes later i hear the ambulance arrive. finally. 

once they are done asking me questions they take her to the hospital. i drive over there following them as fast as i can. 

''can i see her?'' i ask the doctor as i arrive.

''sure, she hasn't woken up yet''

''ok'' i said feeling quite sick. i open the door to see sarah lying in the hospital bed, you would have thought she was lifeless if it wasn't for the beeping machines. i walk over to her and pull up a chair beside her. i grab her hand, it was as cold as ice. i wish she would wake up and tell me what happened. i knew what i had to next now. i had to tell the boys and chloe. 

i grab my phone out of my pocket and dial louis first. he answers on the first ring.

''hey Liam!'' louis says quite chipper

''hey Lou?''

''yes Liam, whats wrong?''

''its sarah''

''what's wrong with sarah?''

''i dont really know we're at the hospital. do you think you can tell the boys and chloe? and can you come down here''

''oh my god, ok. alright ill tell you when im on my way.''

''ok thanks Lou''

''welcome ill be over soon'' i hung up my phone

i go out the door to ask the doctor some questions

''excuse me dr.?''

''dr. marin''

''oh ok dr. marin, could you tell me what happened to Sarah?''

''well she lost a lot of blood, the rest we are unsure of. we have to wait until she wakes up''

''do you know if thats anytime soon'' i ask 

''hard to say, its up to her to wake up. well i have to go check on another patient. good bye''

''ok bye'' i say walking back into sarah's room. i check my phone i got a text from louis he said once he told everyone the room went crazy, and that they are all coming. fantastic a room of seven. i looked at the time that text was sent ten minutes ago. i got another text from louis ' we r here what room'

i replied-' ok room 154'

in about 2 min everyone comes rushing through the door. first Chloe, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn.

''oh my god'' Chloe says with tears in her eyes

''what happened?'' louis asked

''what did you do'' harry asked. at this i got angry and tried to hold back from hitting him right now.

''to answer all of you questions, sarah and i went for a walk i asked if she was ok. the second time i asked her she said she was just going to go, i asked where she just ran. i sat on the beach waiting for her to come back, she never showed after 3hours. i called her she told me she was lost i jumped in my car and drove to where she was. by the time i was there she had waves crashing around her, she must have past out...the doctor said she lost a lot of blood the rest i don't know i have to wait for her to wake up'' i looked around the room everyone had tears running down their faces. harry wasn't there.

''where'd harry go?'' i asked. no one responded, oh well. he'll come back to sarah.

everyone left to go get something to eat. i look at the big clock in the room, 10o'clock still nothing from sarah. i put my hand in her hand. i start to sing moments, a tear runs down my face. then i feel someone squeeze my hand. it was sarah

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