My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


15. we are here


''lets go!'' i said rushing out the door


we arrive at the hotel, its 11pm. 

''hello, i made a reservation''

''ok sir, what was the name under'' the hotel clerk asked


''ok mr. tomlinson. a penthouse suite, that will be 760.80'' when the clerk said that number, my eyes bulged and my head spun.

''thank you'' louis grabbed out room key and we walked off.

''you didnt have to spend all that'' i said feeling guilty 

''hm i felt like it'' he shrugged. 

''i feel bad now'' i said almost slipping  as we walk into the elevator louis catches me

''dont'' the elevator's doors closed. the whole ride was in silence not the awkward kind of silence but the nice silence. the elevator beep tore me from my thinking, i jumped. we both walked out of the elevator and went to our room at the end of the hall. room 7064. louis pulled out the room key, swiped the key and the door unlocked. i walked in the breath taking room.

''wow.. this is amazing'' i yelled-whispered

''and its ours for how ever long you want it'' i turned to louis and smiled. once again i felt the urge take over my body, i needed a drink. and i had to kiss him. i saw beside the door near a closet was the mini fridge i ran over to it and opened the fridge. sure the drinks were mini, but they were strong. louis walked back in.

''woah! take it easy! with the beers'' he said. i already had 4 mini ones, completely empty.

''sorry, i just feel..i don't know, like i just need to drink away the pain''

''ok'' louis said sitting beside me on the floor. ''so...'' louis said opening a drink

''so...that was fun''

''what was fun?'' he asked curiously 

''the beach...'' he still looked confused, ''you know what i mean'' i said sheepishly yet confident. 

''oh yeah. that was fun...'' i looked at louis. he is beautiful. i could feel the urge rush through, i tried to contain it. i couldn't. i took another sip of my drink. i scooted closer to louis. i took another sip. empty, my 5th one. i threw the drink across the floor. i was a bout to get up when louis grabs my hand.

''come here'' he said as he pulled me in to his lap. i wrapped my hands around his neck. i kissed him. we kissed, over and over, again and again.

''now you come here'' i said grabbing his hand and standing up. i walked over to the bed. and kissed him again. he picked me up i wrapped my legs around his waist. he held my back, i pulled him closer. he must have tripped, we fell back on the bed. i smiled while still kissing him. i could feel his hands run up through my shirt on my skin. i leaned up, he leaned up. i tried taking my shirt off, he took it off instead. he took his shirt off. he started kissing my neck. i let out a soft moan.

''you found my weak spot'' i said leaning my head back as he kissed my neck. i took several deep breaths. i straightened myself back up. i grabbed his head between my hands, i kissed him. passionately, i felt free and open. louis and i got more passionate than i could have ever imagined. 

''louis im cold'' i whispered in his ear.

''ok'' he said kissing me while pulling back the blankets, i fell back and i pulled him down on top of me. he moved to his side, moving my leg around his waist. he pulled the blankets up enough to cover my feet. he undid my bathing suit top and gabbed the belt loops of my shorts. he pulled my shorts down, my bathing suit bottoms were still on. we got even more passionate. we were going to get even closer. if it weren't for his phone ringing. i jumped, but stayed in his arms kissing him. on the 3 ring, he moaned against my lips, making me want him even more. he pulled away and answered the phone.

''hello?'' he said trying to sound sleepy and irritated. if i were on the phone with him not knowing he was trying to have sex, i would have thought he had just woken up.

'' with sarah, she wanted a tour of doncaster, we are staying in a hotel tonight then heading out tomorrow morning for a tour''

''....yes we just got in a couple hours ago.... ok, alright.. bye'' he hung up the phone and turned back to me. i had the blanket covering me.

''sorry, it was paul''

''its ok..'' i said trying not to sound out of breath

''now where were we?'' louis said kissing me again. we got closer.  i pulled away for a minute. in that minute i saw louis like i had never seen him before, he was beautiful his hair was ruffled, cheeks red, he was panting; i was panting. i kissed him again he kissed me again. 



 i woke up this morning im louis' arms, with my head on his chest. we were both bare naked. his cheeks were red. he is so beautiful when he is asleep, he is beautiful no matter what. i pulled my hand out from under the covers around louis' back. i gently brush his hair out of his face, he woke up.

''morning love'' he pulled me in and kissed my forehead

''morning'' i said sleepily

''...what do you want to do today'' he asked, moving a strand of hair out of my face.

''lay here with you'' i said smiling

''i would love for that to happen but i told the boys we'd be back by tomorrow at the latest. the smile on my face disappeared. i haven't thought about the boys since before we left for the hotel. especially Liam....Liam...shit! what if Liam found out?!

i shot straight up ''shit'' i murmured.

''what?'' louis asked

''what if Liam finds out? what if anyone finds out?'' i turned looking at louis

''no one is going to find out. i promise'' he grabs my hand, he kisses my hand. i lay back down beside him. we lay there together in each others arms for at least another hour. it was 12:30 before we got out of bed. good thing i brought a change of clothes. so did Lou. we walk out of our room and louis takes me to a Starbucks near by. we bought our drinks, finished our drinks and left.  the worst part of the day was not being able to hold his hand, i wanted to hold his hand so badly but i couldn't. the paparazzi would find out, they already knew i was dating Liam. and louis was dating eleanor..eleanor! shit why do i keep forgetting people! 

i gasped,'' what is it'' louis asked

''eleanor'' i said putting my hand over my mouth as soon as her name came out

''oh don't worry about her, we aren't together anymore''

''what'' i asked

''yea, right before i got the call you were in the hospital''

''louis im sorry''

''dont be, if we hadn't had broken up i wouldn't have had last night with you'' he smiled. i couldn't respond, i to busy smiling. my phone rang. it was Liam


''hey babe! when do you think you'll be back'' 

''oh i don't know, louis and i just walked out of Starbucks he said he was taking me to his old school'' i said

''ohh ok. well let me know when you're coming back''

''i will'' 

''ok. i love you''

''i love you too''

''alright then ill let you go touring then, bye'' he said

''ok bye'' i said hanging up and looking to Lou, i had tears in my eyes. 

''hey whats wrong?'' he asked 

''i've never felt so guilty before''

''hey its ok'' he said patting me on the back, i desperately wanted to hug him now. i don't care if people take pictures. i hugged him. i saw a flash of light coming from my side. people taking pictures, i pulled away from louis and he grabbed my hand and we pushed through the crowd of paparazzi. once we walked far enough away we found a bench in the near by park and sat on it.

''you ok'' louis asked

''im fine, just not feeling so good''i said wiping away the tears, ''Lou, what if they show the pictures of us hugging, what would Liam think? what would the world think?'' i asked feeling sick to my stomach.

''if they do, we'll tell them that you weren't feeling good'' he said i shook my head as to say yes.


''yes sarah?''

''i was thinking about going home'' i said looking at the lake up ahead of us. it was a long pause before louis responded

''...oh...where is your home sarah?''

''i have two... my mom lives in ireland my sister in america'', i heard louis breath heavily, '' i lived with my sis in america for when i went to high school and part of my collage year. i moved back here when i heard my mom had cancer...i was thinking of going to america'' 

''...oh i didn't know you were from ireland,'' 

''you seriously didn't notice my accent''


''good i got made fun of in school for it so i tried faking i was american, so did my sis.'', i chuckled thinking of how i would walk home and was able to talk normal,''it worked''

louis cleared his throat,''so are you?''

'' i really don't know'' i said sniffling wiping my face with my sleeve covered hand.

he took another deep breath, '' ok then, you'll tell me if you are leaving right?''

''of course, just don't tell Liam or anyone''

''ok,'' he said hugging me again, i heard rustling in the bushes behind us, '' come on lets go''. and with that we walked off. a camera man jumped out of the bush.

''so louis! are you going out with Liam's girl? sarah did you and Liam break up? does Liam know about this?' he shouted

''to answer your questions...''i said then pretended to pull out my phone then flicked him off, he immediately took a picture. great another picture.

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