My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


1. the meeting and the truth



I woke up this morning to my phone ringing. I got a call from my friend Chloe, she wanted me to meet her at Starbucks. As I got there I realized she wasn't there, so i decided to go for a walk in the park around the corner.  of corse its freezing today, of all days i forget my coat! so i start walking to the nearest store when my phone goes off. 


'where r u?' -Chloe 

    i start to type when i bump in to some thing. i fell flat on my back! and as i look up i realized that there were boys standing in front of me two were beside me asking if i was ok. 

 '' are you ok?'' , the first one said 

'' did you hit your head?'' the other said

   '' yeah, i'm fine just kind of cold'', i responded 

  they helped me up, then they introduced them selves. but i instantly recognized them. One Direction the boy band.

'' hi, i'm Zayn""

'' hey i'm Niall''

''hello im Louis'' 

''hey i'm Harry''

''hi i'm Liam''

'' hi i'm Sarah'' i said trying hard to hide my excitement.

'' so your sure your ok?'' Liam asked

'' yeah im fine''

  i picked up my phone and started to walk off. then one of them grabs my arm. i turn around and realized Liam had my arm in his grasp. i hadn't had anyone grab me like that since my last relationship. i pulled my arm free. 

''aren't you cold?!'' 

'' well, yeah, but i'll survive''

''here we'll get you a coat''

''OK but i have to meet a friend at Starbucks, you guys can come if you'd like''

''Yes!'' louis jumped in 

 so we start walking to a store. and i found a nice jack wills hoodie. so i decide to try it on. but louis snatches it out of my hand.

 ''oh no you don't! you need something heavier!''


 so he found me something,he brought it back. it was BEAUTIFUL! fur inside, leather on the out. not to mention it was SO warm.  

'' how much is it?''

''don't worry about the price'' said louis in a sassy way

''haha okidokie''

 '' god  i love your laugh!'' Liam smiled at me 

 i smiled back. but i shook my head and snapped back to reality. i had promised my self no relationships. 

'' oh my gosh! the time, we have to go if we want to go to Starbucks!'' i said checking my phone clock

'' then lets go! i'm starving!'' you guessed it, Niall,was hungry 

 we checked out and headed toward Starbucks. the jacket was so warm, im glad i ran into them i needed something to take my mind off-him .



 once sarah had laughed i smiled she smiled back then the lovely smile was gone she looked like she had just had a nightmare. she shook her head.Sarah was stunning. her laugh was beautiful. i couldn't stop looking at her. i felt a connection, like nothing else. 

 we entered Starbucks, she ordered and so did the other boys. i just ordered a water.i guess sarah found her friend, they hugged. sarah introduced her to Harry, then Zayn, Niall, Louis and then me. I guess she was a fan. she couldn't stop smiling and giggling. harry looked at sarah he gave her that look he gives every girl, he liked her, a lot. she grinned but then that little grin had disappeared, something was wrong. we all sat down at a table, there was an open seat beside sarah I was about to sit there but then Chloe snagged my seat. of course. so I had to pull up a chair beside Zayn. it didn't bother me though.  I knew harry was going to get her, but i'm not ready to give up.



  Sarah her name echoed in my mind over and over again. she was beautiful, just beautiful. when we sat down we all started talking, about touring(her friend was mostly interested in that), life, embarrassing moments, dates, ex's. but though out the time of talking about dates and ex's sarah kept her head down, like she had just been to a funeral or something .  i could tell  something was up,i just knew it. 

 once we had to go i hated having to leave i wanted to stay with sarah, there was something about her, that just drew me in. like magnets.



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