My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


9. that's life


sarah. i loved her. then i thought she told me all about her past, then at the beach she showed the scars. it was just too much. i had to run off, it hurt me to think that, that could actually happen to someone. i just had to run off.   im walking back to the house, i walked in and everyone was looking at me. 

''wheres sarah'' 

''upstairs i'll get her for you'' Louis spoke out

''no just let her come i don't want to force her to see me''


''im going on the front porch''


i walk off to the front porch. i felt terrible about the way i just ran off. 




i got up this this afternoon from a nap and i walked down stairs. 

''hey sarah! hungry''

''hey louis. a little''

''well too bad Niall ate  all the food''

''Niall!'' i whined

''what i was hungry!'' quote Niall with food in his mouth, typical niall

''its ok im not really hungry...wheres Liam''

''hes on the front porch''


''he wants to see you''


i walk over to the front porch and see Liam. he has his head in his hands. i feel SO terrible i knew i shouldn't have shown him.  i walk over and sit beside him.

'hi Liam''

''hi sarah, look im really sorry''

''dont be''

''but i am the way i just ran off with out talking to you! i mean-''

''Liam look at me. its ok. i know they're, they're repulsive'' 

''no they are not sarah they're what makes you you. a beautiful strong independent girl. you don't deserve me'' he grabbed my hands 

''Liam! don't you dare say that! i love you! i do deserve you you're the best thing that's ever happened to me! i knew i shouldn't have shown you at the beach, i shouldn't have shown you at all'' 

''sarah i love you too. you're the best thing thats happened to me. and im so glad you showed me at the beach or we wouldn't be here right now''

''yeah instead we would be inside having to make food that Niall ate''

''Niall ate breakfast without me!?!?''

''and me''

we both start laughing.

''sarah dont regret anything. promise me that''

''i promise''

''come on lets go back inside''


Liam stands up and helps me up. i get up and almost trip, Liam catches me i look into his beautiful sparkling brown eyes. he leans in and kisses me. i really am in love. we walk back in side.

''aww you two made up!''

''louis what does that mean!''i cant help at laugh at louis 

''it means...i don't really know what it means''


we are all in the living room watching  step up. Niall has Chloe in his lap with his arms around her. the other guys invited their girlfriends over. Zayn is dating Perrie, one of the members of little mix, (one of my fav bands). louis is dating eleanor, a model(she's gorgeous), and harry's sitting on a chair alone  and then theres me and Liam, im in love i think he's in love.his arm is wrapped around me my head is on his chest listening to his heart, every time i hear his heartbeat i fell safe, happy and in love.



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