My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


14. surprise...


it's been a couple weeks since the hospital thing. im still taking the medication, i get sleepy every time i do. louis said the first time i took the medication i acted as if i were completely wasted, i don't remember much from that first night. though something tells me louis just made that up to freak me out about the medicine.  it worked. 

''morning louis'' i said walking down the stairs.

''morning sleepy head, whats up''

''not much, where is everyone?'' i asked walking over to the kitchen fixing some cereal.

''Chloe and Niall went to a movie, Zayn and Perrie went to go get a puppy, harry i don't know and Liam i think went to the gym.'' he said shutting down his laptop

''oh, what about you? have any plans for the day?'' i questioned, hoping he didn't. 

''no i dont think so... why?'' 

'' i was kinda hoping we could go do something together'' i said trying to make my self look like the 'can't say no type person' by batting my eyes.

''like what'' he said mimicking me 

''like maybe go shopping or go to the movies or go to the beach...''

''hmm how about we do all of it!''

''YAY!'' i screeched jumping up and down.

''woah! calm down''

''i dont do 'calm'!''  i sassed. we both laughed.

''so how are you sarah?''

''im fine. are you trying to be a psychiatrist?''

''no i just know you don't talk about you or your feelings, at all, so whats up''

''like i said im fine. so what first, movie, shopping, beach?'' i said trying desperately to change the subject. but the way louis kept asking me about how im feeling makes me question. does he know? i've tried hiding it, i just wonder if he can tell?

''...sarah? sarah, woohoo anybody home?''

''hmm oh yea sorry, guess i just blacked out''

''its ok how about movie then beach. not really in the mood for shopping today.''

''okidokie'' i said running upstairs to get ready. i slid on one of my new outfits we bought that day. i put on my blue shorts, jack wills hoodie, and my grey TOMS, i put my hair in a bun(one of my fav hairstyles in case you haven't noticed) brushed my teeth and was down the stairs in a matter of minutes. 

''louis! hurry up im ready to go!''

''im coming im coming!'' he screamed as he ran down the stairs

''careful don't hurt yourself'' i said sarcastically. louis stuck his tongue out at me while he put his TOMS on. 

''let's go!'' louis said jumping up and grabbing his keys

''les roll!'' i said running behind him after locking the doors.


''so what movie you want to go see?'' i asked excitedly 

''hmm up to you!'' 

''great...'' i said sarcastically, suddenly feeling car sick. i hope louis doesn't notice

''hey, you alright?'' shit, he noticed. 

''hmm oh yeah im great!'' i could tell he wasn't buying it. 

''ok then...we are here!'' louis said parking the car

''terrific! now what''

''crap!'' louis shouted

''what? what is it?''

''i forgot my wallet!''

''and i didn't bring mine either...beach?''

''i guess so, sorry''

''its fine. i could use a bit more sun'' i said rubbing my arms as if i were putting on suntan lotion


once i unlock the door i run to the bathroom, upstairs so louis wouldn't know how im feeling.

''sarah you alright!?'' louis screamed 

''yeah! just fine!'' good think i was over the toilet, i felt like throwing up. nothing. guess it was just a bad feeling. i grabbed my bathing suit, not the one i wore when the waves took me over (i marked that one as my unlucky bathing suit) instead i grabbed the one that i wore the day i showed Liam. i once again grabbed my shorts and top put my flip flops on and walked down the stairs.

''hey Lou you ready?''

''yep! let's go!'' we both ran out the door.

''how bout over here!'' i yell to louis where to place our towels 

''no! over here!'' i follow him to a nice spot, far enough away from the ocean tide to get to us but close enough to feel the warm ocean breeze.

''perfect'' i say as i lay my towel down beside louis'

''water time!'' louis runs off to the water with his arms out as if he were trying to fly. i chase after him.

''haha!'' we both laugh i trip while im running to the water but louis catches me.

''oops.....'' i said looking into his blue/gray  eyes. i quickly pulled away.

''erm... im going to grab a beer want one?'' i ask

''yea sure, ill come with'' we both walk out of the water and back to our spot. i grabbed a beer and immediately open it 

''woah! slow down'' i look over at louis after i take a big gulp.

''hm sorry i was.. thirsty'' i said grinning and taking another gulp. 

''haha yeah right''

''ha-ha ready to go back'' as i said this i turned around and saw him  by the shore line.i froze. i would know him anywhere

''sarah? come on lets go!...sarah?'' louis turned and saw me stare. ''sarah? what are you looking at''

'''s- him.. he..he'' i could feel my heart race faster and faster. louis saw him

''are you sure?''

''im sure... louis im scared''

''its ok.. come on stand beside me, act like you don't notice him'' i did what louis told me to do. i walked beside him as we got closer i grabbed his hand and held it. he stared laughing as if i said something really funny

''play along'' he whispered in my ear. i started laughing. we got closer to the water i could see out of the corner of my eye he; jake was looking at us. i pull louis' arm around my shoulder and took a big drink, hoping to get a buzz. we walk in the water laughing and talking so he couldn't hear but so he would know we were talking. once we finished our beers i walked up to the shore and set them in the sand and ran back to louis. he opened his arms and i ran into them, i laughed as he caught me, i wrapped my legs around his waist and ruffled my fingers in his hair. i could see louis mouth the words 'play along' he leaned forward and i leaned in and kissed him. it was amazing. i kept kissing him i couldn't pull away. i could tell he didn't want to either.

but the moment ended when someone called my name, '' sarah?'' i pulled away and turned around. he stood in front of me on shore 

''who are you?!'' louis asked, i stood unable to talk. 

''im jake, i was a friend of sarah's'', 'friend' how could he? call me a friend!?! i clenched my fist louis must have noticed he grabbed my hand and guided me to the shore.

''hi'' i said trying not to look at jake ''im going to grab a couple more drinks'' i said and walked up to our spot and grabbed more, i took another big swig. still no buzz. i start to walk back and hand louis the other one. 

''so you know my sarah? how?'' louis said wrapping his arm around me and kissing my head, i blushed and took another sip.

''we ah used to date'' jake said with a grin looking  at me. i kept drinking. ''she was crazy about me''  i saw louis' jaw clench, i gently  kissed his jaw, he softened. 

''ha please'' i mumbled over my breath, i think he heard.

''well babe lets go'' louis said  

''alright'' i said following him to the water. i took a deep breath.

''hey, its ok'' louis said using his finger to lift my chin

''i know... hey louis?''

''yea sarah?''

'''kiss me'' i said i put my hand around his neck and pulled him close.

''ok'' he leaned in, it was fireworks again. 

''hey its getting cold lets go back inside''

''ok'' i said hoping it wasn't the end of our night

we go back inside, i go over to the fridge and pull out another beer. i make sue im totally dried off before i slip my shorts and shirt back on and sit on the couch.

''so...'' i said feeling an urge to kiss louis

''so that was him, jake. how come you didnt tell me his name?''

i shrugged,''i didnt want to, i felt if i did he would find me.''  

''im going to grab another beer'' i said immediatly as i took my last sip.

''why are you drinking so much'' i shrugged and drank, louis grabbed another beer too.i kept feeling the need to kiss him, i couldn't push the feeling away. 

''hey lou?'' i said holding the beer to my head as if i were a man grieving at a bar.

''yea sarah''

''can you show me around doncaster'' i asked 

''sure, when you want to go?'' he asked taking another sip while flicking through the tv channels

''now'' i said as he turned and looked at me with a smile on his face

''ok, well its a long trip, we'd have to rent a hotel room'' 

''im ok with that'' i grinned

''alright, im going to go pack'' louis said getting up 

''ill tell the guys we are going to doncaster for a couple nights'' i pulled out my phone and started to text Liam,Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Chloe in a group chat that Louis and i were going to doncaster for a couple days, and how i asked him if he could give me a tour. i didn't tell them about jake i was still trying to push the image of him out of my head. i had so many questions. did he find me? why is he here?

i walk up stairs to louis' room. ''hey Lou''

''hey'' he said turning around, i walk towards him. 

''do you just want to go, we can bring a couple things, then we can just buy clothes while we are there?'' i asked ready to leave here.

''ok, if you want'' he said i walk closer to him, he pulls me in. closer and closer. we kissed, again and again, over and over. i wrapped my legs around his waist. we kissed a few moments longer then louis pulled away. he had a big beautiful smile on his face, i couldn't help but smile too.  

''come on better get going, ill call ahead for reservations''

''ok, im going to go get a couple thinks ready'' i walked off to my room as he grabbed his bag and went down stairs. i grabbed my small bag. i of course packed the necessities, and a couple other things. i walked down stairs to see louis smiling with the keys in his hand


''lets go!'' i said rushing out the door

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