My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


3. nothing serious



OMG! what have i done! i promised no relationships! i guess its ok though nothing serious. 


i guess thats Liam. before i could change in to a long sleeve i realize he could see the marks, the cuts.

''hey i brought some-''

he looked down and he stopped

''my god! what happened!?!?'' 

''Liam its nothing''

''bull-its not nothing!'' his voice softened, as he grabbed my wrist   ''did you do this''

''no...not all of it''

''who did the this then''

''my ex''

his eyed widened in shock. tears ran down my face, as i could see his eyes water.

''come on lets watch toy story'' i say pulling out my wrists from his hold and turn on a heel to the den

''ok, sarah are you-'' liam stops me again

''im fine Liam really'' i say faking a smile


 we walked in the living room. before we started the movie i changed into a long sleeved shirt. then we started the movie. about half way into the movie Liam paused the movie.

''sarah, if you need anything, ANYTHING at all im here you know that''

'' Liam we just met''

''i know but i like helping people, but you know you have me, right?''


 he hugged me, i let him. i needed some one like him. caring, loving and there for me. so i hugged him back i started to cry again.not what i wanted to do. he pulled away and looked at me his hand rubbed the tears off my face. his hands so kind, big compared to me,yet gentle. 

''im going to pop some more popcorn'' so i got up




 i cannot believe that sarah had been in that horrible relationship. she told me how at first he was kind then something happened and he turned verbally abusive then physical abusive. she talked about what he would do to her. it was pain listening to all he did to her. i grabbed her in for a hug she was still crying. i felt sick. she told me he is in jail now and how she still has nightmares about him breaking out of jail and finding her. i couldn't take it any more. i had to change the subject.

''here want to finnish watching toy story''

she nodded yes

''yeah''she responded in  her hoarse voice 

 so we resumed the movie. i pulled her closer.


 ''wheres Liam''

''he said he was headed to that sarah girl's place to go watch a movie'' Niall said with food in his mouth.


''yea he said he was going over to watch toy story with her''

''great do you guys know where she lives''

they shrugged.

i called Liam

''hey Liam where are you''

''with sarah why''

''just where are you''

''im at her place''

''where Liam!?!?''

'' i'll text the directions''

''thank you''

i hung up and grabbed my coat. and ran out the door.

i reached sarah's house


Liam answers the door.

''hi mate''

''hey where's sarah''

''shh. mate she's asleep''

''not from the looks of it''

sarah walks up to the door her hair in a mess she looked as if she had just finished crying


''hey sarah''

''what are you doing here?''

'' just couldn't find Liam and wanted to see you''

''oh well you found us''

''yes, he did''  Liam sounded like he was protecting her

''can i come in?'' 


we all walked to the couch and sat down. i noticed Liam had mascara on his jumper.

''Liam whats that on your jumper?''

''that oh thats nothing''

sarah was in her room she said she was cleaning up

''Liam your lying whats up''

''if you want to know ask her''

''fine then don't tell me''

sarah walks out 

''this look better?''

''you look fine sarah''

''thanks Liam''

''yeah, thanks Liam'' i mumbled

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