My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


2. movie time



 the boys had just left because they got a call from their manager i guess. 

'' Oh my carrots!'' chloe exclaims


'' how come you didn't tell me you know one direction!''

''i just ran into them in the park, literally!''

''uhuh, sure''


 '' well, how are you''

''good and you''


''you feeling any better'' she slightly lowers her voice 

'' im fine.'' i said that a little more sternly then i had liked but i was fighting the tears

'' ok then, hey wanna go see a movie''

''which one''

''i dont know, but we'll find one'' chloe says


''great! lets go''

 so we headed down to the theater. we couldn't decide what so see so we just walked around. i start getting tired so i told Chloe i wasn't feeling good. 

'' aww ok. go home pop some popcorn and get some rest''

she was so nice how i am so thankful i have her as a friend.

'' ok i'll text you later''


we hugged good bye. 

 i made it home. i slid on my yoga pants and put my hair in a messy bun. popped in finding nemo and while my popcorn was popping. i got up and went to grab my phone when i realized that, that was not my phone. i guess i had picked up one of the boy's phone. so i decide to call my number. some one picked up.  

'' hi harry?''  

'' yes, sarah?''

''hi harry, i guessed i picked up your phone by accident''

'' yeah, so sarah i need my phone, and i was wondering if...''


''if you would like to meet up sometime and we can swap phones''

'' oh yeah that would be great''


''so where will we meet?''

''erm... we could meet up at a movie if you'd like''

''uh.. ok''

''great see you tomorrow at 8, pm by they way''

''haha ok''

  harry hung up before i could snap back to reality. i had promised my self no relationships, and thats what i intend on keeping. 



 Wow. sarah said yes to meeting up! i think this could be the start of something, something wonderful.   i need to figure out what im wearing tomorrow. i laid out some jeans a t-shirt and coat, perfect!  

''what you got there'' Louis walks in and sees what i have laid out

''an outfit for when i meet up with sarah tomorrow''

'' nice but that looks too casual where are you meeting''

''the theater''

''nice, try this''

 he lays out my dark trousers,my white shirt and my jack wills hoddie.

'' prefect''

''thanks louis''




 Great. i was about to walk in harry's room when i hear him and louis talking about the movies with sarah. so i run down stairs and grab the telephone.harry's phone was on the counter. i know i shouldn't but i couldn't resist. i used harry's phone and dial his recent call with sarah. she answers. 

''hi sarah''


'' no its Liam''

''oh hey Liam whats up''

''hey, not much really what about you''

''just finished finding nemo bout to put in toy story''

'' i love toy story!''


'' yeah so i heard you are going to the theater with harry tomorrow''

''yeah, you know its kind of lonely here and you said you like toy story, would you like to come over and maybe-''

''i'd love to! text me the directions and i'll be there!''

''ok, see you in a minute''

 yes! sarah just invited me over!


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