My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


8. just me you the band and summer



I woke up this morning to laughter. so I slowly got up and walked down the stairs.

''oh, there she is''

''hi Chloe'' i said sleepily. Niall had his arm around her waist since that night i had to choose, he and Chloe had been dating. they were in love.

so was I. god! i've never been happier to say that!

''morning babe'' Liam came around and hugged me then put his arms around my waist and lays his head on my shoulder giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek.

''morning Liam...why is every one dressed so early''

''well,we all have been talking'' Zayn said it with a grin 

''WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH THIS SUMMER!'' Louis screamed and started jumping up and down 

''are you serious!?!'' my eyes widen i look to liam, he has a big smile on his face. 

''absolutely! in fact we will be leaving in about...half an hour!'' louis shouts

''oh my god! Liam!... WE GOIN TO THE BEACH!!!''

I ran upstairs and started to pack my things when i hear a knock on my door.

''woah! hold up what are you packing!?'' louis my BGF (best guy friend) walks in and pushes past me and goes through my laid out clothes for the beach

'' OH NO!''


''what is this your packing!!?''

''um... clothes''

''nope. we are going shopping!''

''yay!... I think''

''I think?! this is going to be fun!''

louis walks out of my room. im so glad I have them in my life.


we arrive at the beach house we were renting. I drop my things, it was beautiful! my jaw dropped. I saw a hand wave in front of my face. I snapped back.

''yoohoo! any body home!?''

''get your greasy hand out of my face! haha'' 

''but- but- ''

'' im just kidding Niall ''

I practically ran up to the house and i tried to open the door. it was locked, so I had to wait on the slow posy.

''why you run!?'' liam pants.

''cos im excited! duhh!''

Liam grabbed the keys and opened the door. 

''our room is upstairs on the right''


I run upstairs and into our room. then it hit me, Liam and the boys would be able to see the rest of my scars. great. a perfect day ruined by that thought.I called for Chloe, she could tell something was up.

''whats wrong''

'' scars'' i said holding my stomach at this point tears were in my eyes, i couldn't hold them back this time.

''aww Sarah its going to be ok. I mean you told them about it, right'' Chloe comes over and hugs me

''yeah. all of it, but I don't want them to see THEM''

Niall walks in. 

''Sarah whats wrong''

''nothing im fine'' i mumbled

''hey Niall can you bring up my things ''

''yea sure babe''

''thanks babe'' niall closes the door.

''Chloe what am I going to do!?''

''well, right now all we can do is get you a cover up''

''ok, well Louis want to go shopping for me to get some new clothes this summer''

''ok well Louis, Niall and I can go with you if you'd like''

''yeah, that'd be great''

I wipe away my tears and go to wash my face. I start walking down stairs to the kitchen. everyone was on the couch watching  soul surfer. I jumped when the part with the shark came and got her. so did every one else. 

''Louis still wanna go shopping'' i asked

he jumped up ''of course''

''what about you, Chloe, Niall''

they spoke at the same time ''yea sure'' Niall kissed Chloe on the cheek, she blushed and looked down.

''erm.. what about the rest of us'' 

'' oh Leeyum. when i get back we'll have a fashion show with me and my new clothes''

''that sounds great''


We drove over to the nearest mall, when we arrived Louis jumped out of the car.


''Ahahaha! Oh Louis what would i do without you!?!''

''Dear Sarah you'd be dead, socially , anyway''


''Come on lads! the sooner we are through shopping, the sooner i can eat!''

''Niall!'' we all said at the same time

''what im hungry!''

''You always are, alright lets go''


once we finished shopping, and eating we arrived back to the beach house. 



Once Louis, Niall, Chloe and I returned to the beach house Liam ran up hugged me and grabbed my bags and ran off. 

''what was that?''

''I have no idea. come on you promised a fashion show!'' chloe said walking away


I went upstairs to find my bags of clothes on my bed and my luggage put away. Liam, putting my stuff away ? now im scared. 

''Liam?...where are you?'' i asked looking around our big room

''boo!'' I jumped startled back he was wearing some sort of scream mask 

''bloody hell!''

''did I scare you'' he chuckles

''of course!'' i playfully hit his arm

''oh! sorry! now lets see that fashion show you promised!''

''Alright alright alright! now shoo so I can change!''

Once Liam left my room, I changed into my first outfit. a baby blue blouse,ripped jeans,turtle earrings. I walked out of my room and once I reached the bottom of the stairs I put on my model strut and 'strut down the runway walk' Liam turned and saw me he started yelling and clapping. I turned and started laughing. Louis walked in the room with a disappointed face

''You started with out me!?

''Aww im sorry Louis! here you can help me with my next outfit'' A smile ran a cross hit face ''OK!''

Louis beat me up the steps he ran into my room and laid out my next outfit. It was lovely! a burgundy Jack Wills hoodie with white lettering on it and some blue Abercrombie and Fitch shorts with some grey Toms. I slid the outfit on and once again did my model walk and louis in his announcer voice.

''Introducing Sarah Jones! In her Jack Wills hoodie and a&f blue shorts and Toms!''

''hahah whoo! go Sarah!!!!!'' liam shouts cupping his hands around his mouth.

''haha thank you my fans!'' i winked and blew a kiss to liam 

I ran upstairs and tried on my last outfit. a union jack flag loose top shirt with some red pants (Louis picked them out) like I have done with the other two outfits, I walked the walk, once again Louis and his announcer voice,

''once again Sarah Jones! in her british flag loose shirt and these stylish red pants!''


''thank you thank you'' I blew kisses to Liam and Louis and the other boys. I ran upstairs thinking I had one more outfit, but I didn't. all that was left was my swimming suit. great. as I start walking down the stairs louis sees me.

''woah! wait hold up!''

''what'' i said trying to look happy- fail 

''wheres your bathing suit!?'' louis asks

''I...I don't think-'' 

''you don't think during a runway you model! so get that swim suit!''

''ok i'll put it on if  you  can come here and help me for a sec.''


he starts walking up the stairs he comes in my room.

''now what is it you need help with''

''my scars I don't want Liam to see them or any of the other boys. Chloe's the only one who's seen them''

''oh, ok well let me at least see you with your swim suit on''

''oh, ok just promise you wont get freaked out.''

'' I pinky promise'' he held out his pinky- we pinky promised

I changed into my bathing suit and looked in the mirror. I looked horrific! my hair, brunette, flat and weak, my body, thin, and covered in scars and marks, my face, eyes too big, chubby. I walk out of the bathroom with tears streaming down my face.

''love, whats-''

louis stopped when he saw my body. he ran up and hugged me.

''you promised you wouldn't freak out'' i said hugging him and wiping my tears away

''im not freaking out. im just-im sorry sarah''

''its ok louis you didn't know it was going to be bad''

 ''you sure you don't want to show Liam''

''he'll find out when we go to the beach i'll tell him then''

''ok.  want me to be with  you  when you tell him''

''no i'll try and tell him on my own, but if i need help i'll come to you''


I changed to my regular pj's and walked down stairs. we all started watching titanic. 

''hey babe you ok''

''yea just tired''

''ok, come here'' i end up cuddled with liam in his lap with my feet stretched out .

I put my head against his chest and listen to his heart beat. I slowly start to doze off, then im startled awake. someones carrying me wedding style upstairs. it was only Liam.

''shh.. im just taking you upstairs so we can go to sleep we've got a big day tomorrow''

 ''okay'' i said sleepily


''yeah Liam''

''I love you''

''I love you too''

He lays me down on the bed and pulls the covers over me then he gets in. I feel his hand wrap around my waist. He kisses my neck.

''good night love''he kisses me on the forehead

''good night Liam'' I kiss him on the cheek.

I could tell he had a grin on his face. I slowly doze off, dreaming  about Liam. life is perfect.

I wake up to Liam staring at me wit his perfect lips, his hand moves a strand of hair off my face.

''morning love better get dressed todays a big day,''


''we going to the beach! thats why''

the beach- the words send shivers down my spine. i cant tell Liam on my own or show him, I need Louis and Chloe. 

''ok'' i said hesitantly 

I got up and got ready, put my swim suit on  and hair in a bun then put my cover up on. so no one can see my skin. 

''come on! '' niall yells obviously irritated

before I could get food or say hi everyone was already outside. except for Louis and Chloe.

''we managed to snag you a piece of bread and bacon'' chloe says

''ok, can you guys come with me to show Liam''

''of course Sarah!'' louis responds and hugs me 

we find the boys and I found Liam. I set my things down where he was trying not to show im scared or shaking. 

''Sarah come on take the cover up off! have fun!'' liam says sitting on his towel putting sunscreen on his arms.

''Liam. I... you know how I told you about my ex''

''yes. Sarah what is it''

''I might not have told you all of it, about my scars. there's a reason why I don't wear things that show so much''

''Sarah you can tell me any thing'' at this moment liam is standing and holding my hands in his.

'' I know I have to show you something'' i said pulling my hands out of his grasp

''ok'' he said with a slight smile. 

I see Louis and Chloe in the background, they're giving me thumbs up. I can do this- I cant do this! Louis must have read my mind cos I saw him  mouth the words, 'you can do this'. slowly I take off my cover up. Liam's jaw dropped. I felt so sick.

''Liam I-I-''

''why didn't you tell me'' i could tell in his voice he was hurt.

''I was afraid, embarrassed, and not beautiful compared to all the other girls!''

''Sarah you are beautiful! why wont you listen to me!''

''because im not a supermodel or actress or tv host!''

''Sarah you don't have to be famous to steal my heart!''

im crying, again! I hated crying in front of Liam or any of the boys, I hated crying no matter what. 

''im going to go for a walk''

''Liam-'' he was off in the water before he could hear me.

I just sat down in the sand. Louis and Chloe came to my side.


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