My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


11. im so scared


''Liam-i-'' i looked at my phone i didn't realize my phone had tear drops on it. ''Liam. im scared'' i sat there unable to move. i felt Liam's arms wrap around me in a hug. i quickly wiped away my tears.

''still want to go for that walk?'' i asked Liam quickly trying to push away the feelings.

''if you want to'' i got up from the porch stairs and we started to walk to the beach.


''Sarah are you ok''

'' fine'' i said wiping away the building tears

''sarah are you sure''

''i said im fine Liam'' i said quite sternly, i think i hurt Liam's feelings. ''im just going to go''

''what-''i couldn't hear the rest of what Liam said, i was running, i just needed to be alone for now.


while sarah was getting ready i went down stairs to grab something to eat. when Niall asked if i checked twitter recently.

''het liam have you checked twitter or anything''

''no why''

''i'd look at twitter, id want to sit down if i were you''

''ok'' i walk out to the porch and sit on the stairs. from what i saw it was just hate, i started to come across something about sarah's past, that made me cry. then sarah comes out asking what's going on.

''can i see your phone'' i ask 

after the second time of asking me i show her the article. i see her eyes water, she didn't move.

''liam im scared'' sarah said, i felt so sick. i couldn't respond

''still want to go for that walk'' she asked, i could hear her voice crack

''if you want to'' i said as she stood up we started to walk to the beach.


i asked sarah if she was ok

'' fine '' she said wiping away her tears 

''sarah are you sure-'' i asked 

''i said im fine Liam'' she said strongly i felt a little hurt but i don't know what to do

''im just going to go'' sarah said as she started to run

''what? wait sarah!'' i screamed, i don't think she heard me. great. i decide to just sit in the sand and think, and wait for sarah


i just had to run. i guess i ran to far, i have no idea where i am at all. i don't want to call Liam or anyone else. i decide to just walk back the way i came from. i feel my phone vibrate, it was Liam. i declined his call. he called a second time, i decided to answer.

''hello?'' i said, my voice weak and hoarse.

''hello sarah?''

''yes Liam?''

''where are you!? you've been out for almost three hours!''

''honestly Liam i have no idea where i am''

''ok just tell me what you are near''

''ok im near an ocean and these condominiums on the beach-''

''ok sarah i know where that is im on my way. don't move,you're about a mile away''

''ok'' i hung up and  sat on the sand. i watched the waves, big and strong. i got up and walked to the water's edge. i looked around to be sure no one was around, it seemed i was the only one on the beach. i slid off my shorts and top, i moved far enough away from the water so they wouldn't get washed away. i slowly walked in the water. i got about stomach high when i turn around, i thought someone yelled my name. i turned back around, speechless. in front of me stood the biggest wave i've ever seen. unable to move the wave pulls me under. i tried fighting it, i was pulled under again, by another wave. i tried again, this time i could feel myself running out of breath. on the third try i can feel the  last wave let up. im able to get just enough breath to start pulling myself out of the water.

once i got to the shore i just laid there gasping for air. im about to stand up when i suddenly get light headed, i decide to just sit on the sand until Liam comes. i brush my hair out of my face and feel something thicker than water i looked at my hand, blood. great, my head is bleeding. no wonder i felt light headed. i guess i was losing a lot of blood, i just felt more weak by the minute. i tried to stop the blood from coming out, nothing worked. i slowly started to see spots, i heard my heart beat in my head. i just laid back on the sand, not worrying about anything. just Liam.

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