My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


13. i remember everything


i dont know what happened. all i know is i was in complete darkness. someone's singing woke me up. i still couldn't open my eyes but my mind i could tell was awakening. i felt someone's hand in mine, i squeezed it. i then heard someone say a name, sarah. is that my name? i don't remember.  i felt a rush of pain in my head i let out a moan. 

''oh my god, sarah? can you hear me?'' i couldn't  respond i was to busy trying to open my eyes. i tried 3 times i almost gave up. on the 4th try my eyes could open. 

''oh my god...sarah are you alright?... do you remember me?'' the boy asked 

''well you do look a little familiar, but who are you so i know im clear?'' i said trying to clear my mind

''im Liam...your boyfriend...i gave you that necklace'' i touched my neck genteelly as i did i felt a necklace. 

''what happened?''

''im not sure i was hoping you could tell me that'' 

''oh...'' i said trying to think of the last thing i remember. '' all i remember is going for a walk on a beach with you and then running away... sorry''

''no its ok you just woke up are you feeling ok?''

''not really my head hurts.''

''ok ill go grab the doctor.''

i look around the room, i really am trying to remember who i am, what happened, and im so lost. Liam comes back in with the doctor, i read her name tag, it said; Dr.Marin. she gave me some medication for the pain. she gave a bottle to Liam, so now i have to take those twice a day for about a week. Dr.Marin said i could go home tomorrow. yay? where is home? once Dr.Marin leaves Liam rushes over to me.

''did you hear that you can go home tomorrow!''

''liam, where is home?''

''well you me the boys and chloe rented a beach house for the summer so i guess that's home for now.''

''the boys and chloe?'' i asked

''yes, speaking of the boys and chloe i have to tell them the news''

''ok'' i said as he dialed numbers on his phone. once he hung up he told me 'the boys and chloe' are on their way. 


about 30 minutes later i hear knocking on the door, 4 boys walked in and a girl who had red puffy eyes, i guess she was crying.

''sarah do you remember us?'' a boy with blue/gray eyes asked. i shook my head as to say no. i saw him take a deep breath

''but you all look familiar...who are you?'' i say trying to lighten the mood

''im Louis'' the one with blue/green eyes said, louis i like that name.

''im Zayn'' the boy who had black hair and long eyelashes, he could've past for a model. is he a model?

''im Niall'' the boy with the blonde hair and blue eyes spoke up.

''im Harry'' the boy with the very curly hair and green eyes said, i could hear his voice crack.

''and im- im- Chloe'' the girl with blonde hair said with a tissue in her hand.

''hi, wait.. aren't boys in a band? oh what's it called? one direction?''

''yes!'' Liam said

''what are you guys doing here? don't you have promo's and signings to do?'' i asked

''so you really don't remember?'' Zayn asked

''no i don't sorry'' i said.


i woke up to Liam by my side i don't think he's left my side. he was awake.

''morning babe'' he leans over and kisses me, on the lips. i felt fireworks.

''morning Liam'' 

''sorry...hey are you hungry?''

''oh no its ok.yeah im starving''

''ok well Dr.Marin said we can leave so when you're ready we can head out of here''

''ok'' i reply getting out of the bed. Liam guides me out to the car. 

''so what do you want to eat?'' he asks

''i dont know up to you''

''ok then'' 

we arrive at a Starbucks, Liam orders my drink and his. im not sure why but i keep thinking about the kiss. it was so amazing. once we finnish our drinks we go out to the car and drive to what i think was the beach house Liam was talking about.

''here we are'' he said as i got out of the car.

''wow'' was all i could get out. i walk in to the house. it was beautiful. Liam gave me a tour. the last stop on the 'tour' was what Liam said was out room

''do you remember any of this?''

''not really'' i look over at Liam, his head was down, he was sniffling.i walk over and sit on the bed. ''wait-'' i said something in my mind said 'you remember'

Liam looks up to me.

''i remember this...'' i said holding the necklace looking at the bed and looking over to Liam. ''I remember! Liam!"

''oh my god sarah! thats amazing! what do you remember?'' he asked

'' i remember meeting you, when you came over to my house, we came here,  and here. we kissed here after you gave me the necklace, then Louis came in. we were going to go for a walk on the beach. i came out on the the porch and saw you, your eyes were red and puffy from crying. and you showed me twitter and an article... i ran off...i went in the water...a wave pulled me under then 2 more waves...i was losing air...when the last wave let up i gasped for air... i went to shore...i had a cut on my head...i saw black...the hospital.'' my voice trailed off.

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