My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


10. i love you and you love me


 once the movie went off me being my lazy tired self walked up to bed. after a few minutes liam comes up to bed.

''hey love''

''hi'' i said 

i watch him in the mirror over the dresser. he noticed i was watching and i could see him blush. he puts his pj's on and climbs into the bed. we are both facing each other.

''sarah i know we've only dated for about a month but i really feel a strong connection with you.'' he starts to rub my arm, i feel him move me closer to him.

''i know i say it a lot but i really do love you'' i lay there unsure of what i was to say.

''and i feel the same liam, i love you too'' 

the next thing im aware of is feeling liam's lips against mine gentle at first then with more passion, we go on like this for what seemed like an hour. 

liam pulls away,''sorry'' he looked embarrassed 

''what why?''

''didn't i come on a bit strongly?''

''not at all'' i pull him close to me again. i kiss him. we continue.

liam and i finally break away, panting.

'' i wish we could stay like this forever. i love you sarah''

'''i love you liam''

 through out the rest of the night im in liam's arms. i finally doze off, what an amazing night.


 i woke up this morning alone. i jolted straight up, i didn't see him. all i saw was a note on my nightstand.  it read:

''hey love, i decided to go to the gym. i'll be back soon

tell me if the boys do some thing stupid

i love you

                            - Liam''


i walked down the stairs. i guess i was the only one up yet? i decide to make some breakfast while Liam is out. 

'hey babe, whats up'- i texted Liam

'o morning babe! nm im on way home ill c u in a bit ;)'-Liam

i finally decided to cook some pancakes.  i looked at the time, it's around 11 am.  i hear the door unlock. i turn to get the door, it was Liam.

he looked at me with a smile on his face,''hey!''

''hey did you even go to the gym, you don't look very sweaty''

''yes i did, i just showered and changed clothes while i was there''

''oh ok''

liam and i looked at each other the same way.

''is something burning?'' he asked

''Shit!'' i yell running back to the kitchen.

i look at the pancakes, completely ruined. Liam walks in chuckling.

''whats so funny?!'' i say trying to fan away the smoke with a towel 

''nothing just you''


''yes you! what were you doing?'' he asked

''i was trying to make pancakes for us'' i said not looking at him, '' i was trying to surprise you'' 

''aw sarah! you didn't have to surprise me!'' Liam replied pulling me in for a hug. i look up at him, i could stay like this forever.  i begin to lean close to liam, he does the same.  i was inches away from his face. he just pulls me closer. we begin to kiss when i hear footsteps, i didn't care. the footsteps got closer and  guess Liam noticed, he pulled away. it was harry.

''morning harry'' i said 

''hi'' he looked pissed. he walks over and sits on the couch and does his usual routine; check phone, turn on tv, and be lazy. 

''come on'' Liam says leading me up to our room.

''what are we doing?'' i asked

''just come on''

we enter our room, nothing new.

''just stay there and close your eyes'' i walk over and sit on our bed.

''ok'' i closed my eyes

''are you peeking?!'' Liam asks

''no'' i say putting my hands over my eyes 

''ok open'' Liam says holding a box in front of me.

''i- i-''

''just open it'' he says, sounding excited


i reach out and open the little box,  it sparkled. it was absolutely beautiful. a simple silver chained necklace.

''wow'' was all i managed to get out of my mouth.

''wait there's more'' Liam says rushing of to the closet. he comes back another small box in his hands.

''open it''

''ok'' and i do it's a charm of a silver starfish.

''Liam its beautiful'' i say with happy tears building in my eyes.

''it's a starfish, i thought i'd be appropriate since we are at the let me put it on you'' 

''ok'' i say as  he opens the clasp 

''hair up please'' i hold my hair up as he put the necklace on. i turn around to face Liam. a single tear runs down my face.

'' why are you crying?''

''im just so happy'' 

''aw babe'' liam says engulfing me in a hug, he starts kissing my neck.

''hey thats not fair!'' i say chuckling

''what isn't fair?'' Liam mumbles still kissing me.

''im over hear tearing up and you are kissing me!'' Liam pulls away.

''please?!'' Liam is pouting

''oh alright!'' i pull him close and kiss him. 

i feel Liam run his strong hands over my back. i run my fingers in his hair.  a soft moan escapes my lips when Liam kisses my neck. i lean over and kiss his neck, he pulls away and leans his head back. 


i lean my head back as sarah starts to kiss my neck. i pull her face off my neck and kiss her lips, passionately. i've defiantly never felt like this before 


Liam starts kissing me again. i started to run my fingers on his back then grab his shirt and slowly start to pull it up.  i can feel his grin as he kisses me while i try to take his top off. once his top is off i feel his hands on my hips. they start coming up as to take my shirt off, i let him.  we were going to get farther but louis walks in.

i pull away. i grab my shirt and run to the bathroom to put it back on. i hear Liam and Louis talking

''hey sorry mate i should have knocked... i just came in to see if you've seen my suspenders'' louis asked 

''oh its ok Lou erm no i don't think i have''. i opened the door to see Lima putting his shirt back on and talking to louis

''oh hi sarah'' louis said, i could tell he was trying to make up for walking in.

''hi louis'' was all i said leaning against the bathroom door frame.

''erm im just going to ask harry'' louis said walking down stairs.

Liam turns to face me, '' sorry babe'' 

i shrugged, ''its ok''

'' wanna go for a walk on the beach'' Liam asked

''sure'' i walk over to the dresser and pull out my bathing suit, this one covered a bit more. i still grabbed my shorts and tee as a cover up. once i get myself ready i walk down stairs to see everyone on the couch looking at me

''what is it?''

''are you alright sarah?'' Zayn asks

''yea im fine why wouldn't i be'' i asked curiously

''have you been on twitter or anything lately'' Niall asked 

''no why?...ok some one tell me whats going on, you guys are freaking me out?''

''i'd go talk to Liam, he's on the front porch'' Zayn says

i walk over to Liam on the front porch. i see his phone in his hands.

''Liam, whats going on?'' im actually scared of the response

''can i see your phone?'' i hand him my phone. he sniffles. 

''...Liam why wont any one tell me whats going on'' i ask, he is still going through my phone.

''Liam?'' he looks at me, his eyes red and puffy, he must have been crying

''its just the usual twitter stuff'' 

''Liam you aren't telling me something''

''don't freakout ok?'' 

''why would i freakout?'' Liam hands me back my phone i look at the screen. its on a twitter link. people were posting the usual hate, but i came across one tweet. the person found out about my past and posted a link. first i read the tweet; '@sarah_j im so sorry' i clicked on the link it sent me to an article about me and my past. about him, about the abuse, and how he was reported he escaped prison.



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