My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


7. i choose...




i got up and opened my door door. Harry and Liam were there. 


''hey sarah. can we come in''

''lets go downstairs'' 

 i closed the door behind me. we all sat on the couch. ''sarah, im so sorry''

''why are you sorry harry you didn't do anything wrong''

 ''i did, i didn't know about the-''

''about the?...''

''about what you've been through''

''harry!'' Liam looked like he found something he wasn't supposed to know about

''Liam, told him!?!''

''sarah wait!''

i ran out the room before i started crying, again. minutes passed before i heard a knock.

''go away'' i threw a pillow at the door 

''sarah please, let me in''


''sarah please''

i opened the door. he automatically walked in and sat on my bed.

''sarah let me explain'' 

''go ahead''

''i told harry because he was afraid he hurt you, i told him you thought he was someone else and how that someone else hurt you.i told him about the nightmares and-''

''Liam im not mad at you im ashamed by it all''

''why, sarah you did nothing wrong, it wasn't your fault'''

''i panicked over harry picking me up! that is so stupid! im stupid-''

''you aren't stupid sarah''

''but i am''


''i cant decide''

''decide between what''

''never mind Liam''

''no sarah. decide between what''

he grabbed my wrist. i looked in his eyes, they sparkled. i always felt safe with him, like i could tell him anything. so i told him.

''i cant choose between you and harry, Liam''

''why do you have to choose''

''because i.. i  im torn. i feel safe with you and loved. then im with harry and i feel like i don't have a care in the world.''

''sarah please''

''Liam you don't deserve me you deserve some one who isn't afraid some one who is beautiful! and-''

''sarah you are perfect to me. and you are beautiful''

by this time his hands were wrapped around my head. then he pulls me closer.

''you are so beautiful''his voice was soft like he was singing a song

then he kisses me. first soft then with passion and i  feel free from being scared and afraid.

i felt whole.


i kissed sarah! she is so perfect! i think i love her. i know thats a big and bold thing to say but i do, i love sarah.

''hey sarah, its harry' i just wanted to-'

harry he had saw us. great.

'' i knew it.''

sarah pulled away

''harry wait''

sarah ran after him.

i guess she really cant decide. but i love her no matter what. im going to tell her.



unbelievable! i walk in on Liam kissing sarah! i knew i should have made my move when i had the chance! i run out to my car and am about to unlock the door when i hear sarah

'' harry wait''

''not now sarah''

''harry please''

''what sarah what is it''

''i...i im sorry''

''why sarah your in love''


''sarah i know you wont admit it but you are i can tell by the way you look at him. it ok sarah, trust me its ok''

''thank you harry, for everything'' she hugs me, how i wish she was mine.

i guess she chose liam. i'll find some one someday


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