My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


18. Go To Hell


''so still want to tell them?'' louis asked 

''yeah. i'll just get it over with'' i said as i heard the door handle unlock

''they must be back'' louis said as i got off his lap and sat on the other side of the couch.

''hey guise!'' Niall slurred as he walked in the door. 

''hey! babe!'' Liam said walking over to me. it was now or never i had to tell him.

''...Liam i have to tell you something'' i took a deep breath and i could feel my heart beat in my head,''let's go outside'' i said gripping his wrist taking him outside.


''Lou i'll be back'' i said opening the door to go outside in the back yard.  i guided Liam over to the back of the yard. my breathing started getting quicker, my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. 

''so what is it you were going to tell me?'' Liam asked with a grin on his face. 

''um...ok this is really hard to tell you...'' i took a deep breath and i could feel my palms sweating. i continued. ''remember that one night every one went to the movies and we stayed behind?''


''well... you remember that one day a couple weeks ago when i came back and you asked where i went and i said i went to go pick up some medicine cos i want feeling good''


''i didn't go to the pharmacy. i went to a doctor's office...'' this is it i have to tell him. i could feel my heart beat faster and faster, '' i had a couple tests done and the doctor said...'' i could feel my tears build in my eyes.

''they said what?'' i looked at Liam's face he looked quite concerned  

''and the doctor said i was-... i was p- pregnant'' i said as a single tear rushed down my face i quickly  wiped it away.


''yeah i was... i lost the baby Liam...i lost your baby Liam'' i said looking away. i quickly snook a look at Liam. he looked completely shocked. he's going to hate me forever.

''hey it's ok everything's going to be ok'' Liam said trying to comfort me. i leaned away

''there's one other thing i have to tell you''

''ok? what is it''

here it goes, ''when i went to the doctor's office they said... i am pregnant...''

''am? and it's mine? right?'' i looked down i could not bear to look at him. 

i shook my head, ''n- no...''

''then who's is it?! sarah!?'' he yelled. i knew the guys could hear i looked i through the glass door and saw louis clench his fist, i looked at him as to say 'don't' 

''Liam please'' i said trying to reach out to him, he pulled away and swatted my hand away. i saw his face hurt and angry.

''who's is it sarah!?!'' Liam yelled his voice got louder. i saw his fist clench.

''it- it's...'' 


''it's L-...Louis'... '' i saw his hurt face turn to anger.

''you! you! you can go to hell! and that thing in you can go to!'' he said screaming at me. i couldn't stop the tears from falling. i let out a sob. and hid my face. he turned and ran off back to the house. 

''Liam! wait please!'' i said running after him. he pushed open the door.

''Louis!'' he screamed. and grabbed louis shoulder. he hit Louis.

''Liam! please! i was drunk!'' i screamed trying to pull him off Lou. 

''get off sarah!'' Liam growled and pushed me back. i stumbled back. i couldn't stop them. Louis threw a punch at Liam, then another, he missed on the 3rd one. when Liam stepped back i took my opportunity and stepped in between them

''please stop!'' i said putting my hands on their chests to try and separate them. harry walked in.

''woah! what happened here?!'' 

''nothing, just nothing'' Liam said moving my hand off him. i looked at louis. he had a busted lip.

''you both can go to hell'' Liam said grabbing his jacket walking out the door

''louis im so sorry'' i said as he pulled me in a hug.

''What did he say to you?'' he asked i could hear the anger in his voice

''im pretty sure you heard'' i said not wanting to repeat the words

''sarah just tell me''

''he said he for me and the baby to go to hell'' i said sobbing in his shirt he gripped me tighter. 

''what? sarah y- you're pregnant'' i forgot harry was still in the room. i buried my face in louis shirt

''damnit'' i mumbled,i rolled my head over to look at harry. he just stared at me. 

''so louis is the dad?"

''y- yes...'' he took a deep breath. ''harry please don't tell anyone''

''ok...but you have to tell them, they deserve to know why louis has a busted lip'' he said. i could tell he was hurt. 

''ok i will'' i walked over to harry and hugged him, ''thank you'' i whispered, i didnt know what else to say.

''no long as-''

''as long as what?''

''i get to be the uncle''

''of corse harry'' i said breaking away and smiling, ''Lou, lets put some ice on that cut'' i said guiding louis to the kitchen.

''im sorry louis this is all my fault'' i said hoping up on the kitchen counter with the ice pack in my hand. 

''hey look at me, no its not'' he said lifting my chin while i put the ice pack on his lip.

''yes it is, if i hadn't told Liam you wouldn't be hurt''

''yeah so?''

'''so if i weren't such a slut-''

''hey, you aren't a slut'' he said leaning in to me so our foreheads were touching. ''you are the best, and the little one.'' he said touching my stomach. 

''im so tired'' i said almost falling off the counter.

''woah there careful!'' louis said catching me, ''alright lets grab your things'' he said lifting me off the counter. i walked in Liam's room and pulled open all the drawers and pulled out all my things. throwing them at louis.

''oi! what all did you bring!?''Louis asked while i was throwing my clothes behind me. i turned around to see louis trying to hold my things.  i giggled

''just the couple outfits i brought and the outfits you me chloe and Niall bought that day''

''oh yeahh. that was a fun day''

''yes it was...alright i think that's it!'' i said standing up and grabbing my make up, toothbrush and toothpaste, and other stuff.  we walked down the hall to louis' room. louis dropped my things on the floor.

''Hey!'' i said as he dumped my things.

''sorry we'll fix it in the morning'' louis said pulling out a t shirt and shorts. he threw them at me, ''here where these'' 

''ok'' i said walking over to the bathroom and changing. i looked in the mirror again. i checked my side, front, and other side. pretty soon i'd be looking fat. better enjoy the somewhat skinny figure i have, while i can. 

i walk out of the bathroom.

''damn my clothes look good on you'' louis said with a smile on his face. i felt a breeze on my shoulder, part of the shirt sleeve was down uncovering my shoulder. i pulled up my shirt.

''shut up'' i said playfully hitting his arm. he pretended i hurt him. he winced and rubbed his arm. 

''damn got muscles too'' he said, i giggled. he walked over to me and ran his fingers through my hair. ''you are so beautiful'' i chuckled and looked down, ''hey look at me'' he said lifting my chin then rubbing a tear off my cheek. ''why are you crying''.

i looked out the window, ''im just scared''

''scared? about what?''

i sniffled, ''jake...the baby.....'' there was a pause before i spoke again, ''losing the baby..louis what if i loose the baby?!'' i whined

''you wont loose the baby''


''i promise'' he said with a slight grin. he took hold of my pinky. '' i pinky promise'' i giggled. i pulled him in a hug. i could hear his heartbeat ring in my ear. i placed my toes on his shoes and leaned up and kissed him.

''movie?'' i asked moving my hand around his neck, pulling him close. 

''sure'' he said wrapping his arms around my waist. i stepped off his shoes and walked down the hall and went down stairs. i walked over to the kitchen to see Niall raiding the fridge. i cleared my throat. he jumped and hit his head.


''haha sorry Niall!'' 

''ha its ok'' he said turning around to face me rubbing where he hit his head. ''so whats up''

''not much, Lou and i are going to watch a movie. want to watch with?''

''sure. what movie?'' he asked walking over to the cabinets

''i dont know'' louis walked in.

''hey Niall''

''hey man. dude whats up with your lip.'' Niall asked shoving food in his mouth.


''louis Niall is watching a movie with us. ok?''

''ok. what movie?'' louis asked.  i shrugged. we walked over to the den and pulled out all the movies we had. 

''ohh what about this one!?'' Louis said holding up Grease. i giggled.

Niall stood up and started to dance and sing, ''it's Grease lightning!'' i bursted out laughing. Niall and Louis did too. Niall sat back down. we looked through a few more movies and Niall found one.

''oh what about this one!?!''  he said looking at the back of Paranormal Activity. not my favorite of movies, at all. 

''ok'' i quietly said

''Yes!'' louis screamed grabbing it out of Niall's hands and putting it in the DVD player. i walked over to the couch and sat down. Louis and Niall did the same once the movie started. 

''now if you get scared i can hold you'' louis whispered in my ear. i lightly giggled. 


''lets do this'' louis said moving around on the couch to get comfortable.

''comfy yet'' i asked sarcastically

''not yet'' he said pulling me so i was leaning against him. i laughed. 

 once the commercials for other movies were done i got up to make popcorn. once the microwave went off i pulled out the popcorn. i almost dropped the popcorn because it was so hot

''oh ouch ouch'' i said opening the bag so i could put it in a bowl

''sarah you alright!?'' louis asked from the den

''just fine!'' i said pouring the popcorn into the bowl

''you better not be messing up my popcorn woman!'' Niall yelled. and with that i walked in the den and threw some at him. 

''does it look like i messed up the popcorn'' i said sarcastically while Niall picked the pieces of popcorn off him. ''didn't think so'' 

''shh the movie is starting!'' Niall and i laughed at louis. by the time the movie started i was already shaking and sometimes i would jump or even scream then cover my mouth and say sorry while the boys laughed. 

''Niall can you hand me that pillow beside you'' i asked needing something to hold

''nuh uh. im your pillow'' louis said pulling me closer. i wrapped my arms around him and held tight afraid something was going to rip me away. 

''uhh am i missing something?'' Niall asked looking at me and louis. ''what happened to Liam?'' he asked. at his name i already felt sick. 

''he- um-...did you hear anything earlier when you and Liam came home'' i asked curious how he couldn't have heard the screaming

''dude when i came home i walked upstairs and crashed. so no i didn't'' 

''oh ok..well um- Liam and i got into a big fight'' 

''sarah? are you-'' louis whispered- asked me. 

''louis they're all going to find out sooner or later'' 


''so um Liam and i got into a fight b- because...'' i stalled, ''ok maybe i cant do this. louis can you''

''ugh sure'' louis explained everything to Niall. once louis finished, he took a deep breath. Niall just looked at us with a cheeky grin on his face.

''you guys know what this means!?'' louis and i looked at each other then back to Niall

''what?'' i asked confusedly 

''you guys had sex!''

''oh my god! Niall!!'' i yelled and got up and walked over to the kitchen.

i walked back to the den ''what!?'' he laughed, his face was red. i could smack him cross the face if i wanted. 


''what!? we did!'' he started laughing, i started laughing too. pretty soon the whole house was echoing with laughter. i looked over to the clock, 1:30am. since we watched Paranormal Activity, all of Paranormal Activity i knew i wasn't going to be able to sleep.

''babe im going to bed, you coming?'' louis yawned

''um you go ahead i'll be in in a few''

'''mm ok.'' he kissed my head, ''don't take too long'' he winked at me as he got up and walked upstairs.  i could hear Niall tease louis

''dont take too long.'' i heard Niall say in a girlish voice, i then heard him moan. i guess louis hit him. i chuckled. i went over to the floor and went through the movies we had until i came across my favorite, Peter Pan the original cartoon one. i've loved this movie for as long as i can remember. and honestly i always had a secret crush on Peter and on the 2003 Peter Pan. 

''yes'' i mumbled under my breath popping the movie in and pressing play. i made sure i turned  down the volume so i didn't wake anyone.  always when watching this movie i felt like a little girl back home in ireland. when my mum didn't have cancer, when my dad was still around, before my mum and sis and i got in that big fight and when my sis and i left, then found out about mum's cancer. i felt something wet running down my face, i was crying. i was crying about the memories. i quickly wiped away my tears and watched Peter Pan. when Peter told wendy, ''second star to the right and straight on till morning'' i had a smile on my face. that smile stayed on my face until the end of the movie. i started the movie over again. i think on the third time i re-started the movie i started to doze off. i looked over to the clock 5am. ugh great. i fell back on my side and started to doze off. 


i woke up this morning to the smell of coffee brewing. i let out a moan. and rolled over to my back  and pulled my arm over my eyes to block out the light. i felt the couch sink beside me. 

''morning'' louis asked holding his cup out to me. i slowly sat up.

''morning sure'' i grabbed his coffee and took a sip. it tasted bitter. ''how long have you been up''

''erm about a couple hours, i cam down about 8 looking for you since you didn't come to bed'', i looked at the clock 10 o'clock, ''i ah saw you were watching Peter Pan''

''my fav movie'' i said smirking. ''louis? you want to meet my mum and sis, last night i was thinking about how im going to have to tell them and i thought you would want to come''

''yeah i want to come!''

''so when do you want to go?'' i asked slowly taking another sip of coffee. 

''i dunno''

''i was kindof thinking like tomorrow or sunday.. but i mean if thats too-!'' louis chuckled

''ha its fine sarah! when do you want to go?'' he asked 

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