My Wonder Wall

Sarah has just come out of a horrible relationship. then she runs into one direction one day. will she fall for one of the boys and will one of the boys fall for her?
(my first fanfic! tell me what u think!)


17. congrats another surprise!

i got up this morning and got dressed. Liam was still asleep so i slipped on my shoe s& grabbed my phone off the charger and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to grab a drink for the ride. i thought i was the only one up.

''sarah? what are you doing?'' i turned around to see louis on the couch in front of the TV. 

''i- i um. i cant sleep''

''so you got dressed and trying to sneak out''

''hmm well im bored, i was going for a walk'' i said 

''ok...what do you want me to tell Liam?''

''...just tell him i went for a walk''  i said opening the door. i walked for a little while then walked back inside.


''hm yea?''

''can i borrow your car" i asked 

''sure, where you going?'' 

''oh im not feeling good so im going to pick up some medicine''

''ok here'' he said handing me the keys

''thanks'' i said opening the door again and walking to his car. i unlocked his car and hoped in. i started the car and drove. i arrived at the doctors office about 11. right on time. i walked in and sat in the waiting room. about half an hour later my name was called. i followed the nurse to a back room

''the doctor will be in, in a moment''

''ok, thank you'' i said feeling nervous. about ten minutes later dr. marin walked in.

''hello sarah''

''hi. dr.marin''

''hi, so what seems to be up''

''erm. for the past couple weeks i've been, well sick. i keep throwing up but i feel fine''

''hmm..ok lets have a look'' she said pulling out her stethoscope to listen to my heart beat. ''hmm. your breathing is fine, your heart is fine. im going to let a nurse come in and take a couple tests'' 

''ok'' i said as she walked out the door. a nurse walked in moments later.


*2 WEEKS LATER*(still sarah's P.O.V)

i have to tell louis.the bump will be getting bigger. i cant tell Liam. he'll hate me forever. i walk over to the mirror and look at myself. from the side, front and other side.i saw a little bump. i was about to go out of our room when Liam walks in.

''hey babe'' 


''hey so the guys wanna go out and get a couple drinks you wanna come?''

''nah im ok, thanks though'' 

''ok'' he said kissing my forehead. ''oh and Louis said he is probably staying''

''oh...ok'' i said feeling nervous. i managed to convince myself out of telling louis for 2 weeks. now i have to tell him before the bump gets bigger and people start to notice.

''alright we'll be back soon.''

''ok. have fun'' i said walking him to the door. i closed the door behind Liam. how am i going to tell louis? i know i have to, but what will happen? will he just leave? never talk to me again? i defiantly cant tell Liam he'd be heart broken and hate me forever. just suck it up sarah you can do this. just tell him. every thing's going to be ok. 

''hey'' i jumped and saw louis standing in the kitchen.

''oh um you scared me. hi'' 

''so you staying too?''

''yep. dont really want to go get drunk tonight''

''hm ok'' he said pulling out food from the fridge. 

''so...'' i said holding out the o's


''so...have you heard from el?'' i asked 

''yeah. its not mine''

'' that a good thing?''

''i mean yeah. i don't have to be connected to the girl who broke my heart'' 


'' ok? you see a bit, i don't know, a bit jumpy?'' 

''haha what me? jumpy? no...?''

''sarah? you aren't telling me something''

''you know what, im sorry'' i said walking away. he grabbed my wrist

''sarah. tell me. whats going on?'' i looked around the house, making sure no one was around. just me and lou. 

''come here'' i said. pulling him into his room. i walked over and sat on his bed. i pulled my knees up to my chest.

''louis. i have something to tell you'' i said feeling suddenly sick and scared, basically mixed emotions. 

''yeah?'' he asked. i could feel my heart beating faster.

''so, you know how i went out to go get some medicine that day?''

''yeah, and?''

''i didn't go pick up medicine.'' i said taking a deep breath, ''i went to the doctor. i had a couple tests done to see if i was really sick''

''ok? oh my god, you don't have cancer do you?!''

''what? no no no!''

''oh thank god''

''lou...'' i said taking another breath, '' i was-... i was pregnant''

''was?'' he said sitting down beside me.

''yeah. i was. it was Liam's'' i said tears swelling in my eyes, ''i lost the baby louis'' he just looked at me. he was going to give me a hug but i pushed him away. ''there's something else i need to tell you''


''i am pregnant..''

''am? and it's Liam's'' 

i shook my head,'''s yours'' i said as i started to cry. he stood up and paced the room.

''are- are you sure?'' 

''yes'' i shook my head, ''louis im so sorry'' i said. still crying. he walked over to the wall and turned around to face me.

''so you're saying. that you were pregnant, with Liam's kid? and you had a miscarriage? and know you're pregnant with my kid?'' he said leaning against the wall sliding down to the floor.

''yes'' my voice croaked. he got up and walked over to me.

''tell me now you want me around for this baby and do you want me to be the dad?'' 

''...y- yes'' i stuttered.

''ok you want to tell Liam?''

''ma- maybe when he gets back. i want you there with me.''

''ok. do you also want to tell him about jake?''

''mind as well''


''one more thing''


''the doctor said in a couple weeks when i go back she said we might be able to see if the baby is a boy or girl. do you want to come?''

''of course sarah'' he said pulling me in to a hug.

''so you aren't mad? you won't leave?''

''of course not. why would i?'' i shrugged, '' i mean the girl i love is having my kid. why would i leave.?''

''i dont know. just the way you talked about el earlier, it just..''

''i would never leave you'' he said leaning in closer. he kissed me. i smiled as he pulled away.

''you know. we're going to have to tell my sis. and chloe, and the boys. and my mum'' i said ruffling my fingers in his hair.

''ha and my mum'' he winked, ''come on'' he said pulling me up and taking me to the living room.

''what do you want to watch? we have some time to our selves while everyones out''

''up to you'' i said sitting down

''ok then'' he said turning on the TV. i leaned on him resting my head on his shoulder. a few moments passed before i sat up.

''whats wrong?''

''oh nothing just trying to get comfortable''

''ok try this'' louis said moving a pillow in his lap. patting it for me to lay my head down. i laid down and looked up at him. i smiled. i didn't know what was happining. i thought he was leaning down to kiss me so i closed my eyes and slightly puckered my lips when i felt lips on my stomach. i looked down to see louis kissing my stomach. i lightly giggled. he looked up to me and i sat up, so i was sitting in his lap leaning against the arm rest of the couch. i just kept smiling. louis and i stayed like this for at least an hour before his phone vibrated.


''what is it'' i asked

''i just got a text from Liam they're on their way''

''great'' i said feeling nervous knowing i was going to have to tell Liam.

''so, still want to tell them?'' he asked

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