Railroad crossings - one shot

When what you love is forbidden, you'll have to break the rules.


1. Railroad crossings - one shot


 A smile crept across my face as I ran through the woods. It wasn’t a long run, but it was beautiful, especially on autumn days like this.
The air was crispy and chill and there was this special scent in the air, which only came around when all the trees started to get oh so colorful.
Almost there!
A few meters in front of me, just by the edge of the woods where a lonely railroad track. It was hardly ever used, only a few times a day. 7 AM and 11 AM, - and then again at 7 PM and 11 PM. Every other day a train pass at 3 PM as well, but that train doesn’t stop here.
Whenever a train pulled up the towns little station no one bothered to get off, we were just an annoying stop on their way to a bigger, more exiting city.
I didn’t even bother to look before crossing, there would be hours before the next train.
Would he be here yet?
I jogged the last few meters into this other part of the woods, the forbidden part.
It sounds weird, why would a part of the woods be forbidden? I think it’s been around 70 years, or was it 80? It was just around the great depression. Everyone was struggling to find employment, especially in little towns like these.  And then came the biggest mistake of my ancestors life, they started stealing from each other on the different sides of the woods. Of course no one wanted to admit it, so instead they passed a law, it would no longer be legal to stay in the 500 meters of woods after the railway tracks, parting the poor from the rich.
I lie down on the cold ground by the time I’m finally at our meeting place.
What was taking him so long? Usually he was here before me… Should I be worried? It would probably take him quite some time to pack his stuff. It wasn’t really packing that took long for me, it was getting my bag out of the house unnoticed by a couple of curious child eyes.
My head was spinning after the run, so I took the freedom of loosening my braid, making my hair hang lose down my spine. You should think I would have been used to it by now, running out to meet him every other day.
It had been around 4 years since the first time we met. I don’t think I was older than 11. He must have been 13 then, I guess.
It was a summer night and way too hot for me to fall asleep, at last I couldn’t take it anymore so I got up and went for a walk, before I knew it I was about the cross the railroad, - something I had never done before. And that’s when I noticed the big train coming with full speed a few meters from me. I was paralyzed.
If it wasn’t for him I would have probably been hit by the train, but before I could even think about what to do, I was knocked out of the way and met by a cute smile as the train continued its way.
A smile crept on my face at the memory. After that we met a few other nights when none of us could sleep, back then we didn’t plan our meetings. But I will be the first to admit that I stayed awake often, no matter how tired I was to go see him, even if it was just for a few minutes.
All of a sudden he was just there, not literally speaking, but in my heart refusing to get away. Maybe that’s the thing, you can’t help but grow a bound with someone that saved your life, in more ways than one.
A helping hand was presented in front of me, ready to pull me up from the cold earth and get intertwined with mine, holding me steady as we went.
“Are you ready?” Jonathan gave me a playful kiss on the lips.
“Yes.” And at that we walked hand in hand along the railway, making our way to a better life. Together.


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